Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wicked Wednesday!

OMGosh...the sunrise this morning was spectacular! Dark orange rimmed mountains, followed by baby blue, fading up to the dark navy sky!  It was quite a show!  And it continued to get brighter!  Magnificent!  Check it out...I opened the window...but the screen was in the way!  Seems the camera liked the screen way better than the view!

Yup...there is a reason why I am a quilter and not a photographer...not that my quilting is much better! haha

Thanks goodness for my quilty friends...Glynis came to the rescue, yet again...with this lovely block that she was working on Monday at Heritage!  Yes, the way Glynis works it is probably a quilt by now!

This is a FREE pattern offered by the Mystery Quilt Blog Hop called  'Gingerguy' Week #8.  You can download it HERE!  It's a 'Jeni's Blog from the Willow' pattern and is dang, stinking cute!  The designers outdid themselves this year...and WE THANK YOU!!

As for me, I have been busy in Santa's Workshop and can't show you what I have been working on!  TOP SECRET, you know!  Looks like I will be dusting window screens before I head in there this morning!!  Yup, no rest for the wicked!

Have you have a wicked Wednesday too....and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. You could open the door and go outside, that might help, lol.
    Love her gingerbread man, she did a nice job on the block.


  2. LOL, WoolenSails cracked me up just now! I was going to say, it's the autofocus that chose the screen, and you can set your camera to manual focus and shoot right through it. No coat required!

  3. lie you we had an amazing sunrise, I did go outside to photo it but I have telephone lines that I cannot avoid but they are not close like your screen! The joy stocking is very good and will be lovely to get out every year