Monday, November 2, 2015

Bloggers are the BEST!

Have you ever seen such a cute magazine cover...well LUCKY ME..I am now the proud owner of this magazine...and YES, the fox pattern is inside this magazine!  I've never made a stuffy before but if ever there was a stuffy that I WANTED to make, it's this sweet little guy!

 So to make a long story short...Krista from Poppyprint Creates Blog had a pattern published in this Australian magazine,"HOMESPUN"..and after emailing back and forth...I ended up purchasing a copy off of her!
There is even a lovely FULL PAGE article on Krista...yup Poppyprint is famous! She really spilled the IS, after all, a garden quilt that she made!  :o))

This quilt called  'Cutting Garden' has got to be the happiest and most cheerful quilt EVER!  This would be the perfect quilt to cheer up a friend, a loved one, a baby, a young girl or someone who loves to garden...heck, it would cheer up anyone!

 It is Jelly Roll friendly...and LOOK at all those amazing colours!  This would be a great quilt to do with that you could SHARE fabric.  If you took the, blue purple, green, yellow and pink...and each bought one piece of fabric in each of the colours...cut them into 2 1/2" strips and then shared, you would have a wide variety to start with!  How fun would that be!
And...LOOK at what I found sitting in my 'Dog Daze Quilt' tote...WAITING to be used (well actually it was waiting to be put away...)...yummy leftovers ...and lord knows what I'll find in my stash?!  Looks like I have a great start for my 'Cutting Garden' bin!


This is going to be a FUN one to make...a real FEEL GOOD quilt if ever there was one!

AND like all good magazines, there were other projects that caught my THIS adorable pillow!  

 Oh man, those Australian quilters know how to stitch!!
 And I don't know how often I have said I wish I had a pattern for ants or lady bugs or dragon flies?!  Now I have a pattern for each...including the cutest grasshopper and butterfly!

So THANK YOU, Krista for coming to my pattern rescue!!  Congratulations on getting published AGAIN!!  (Krista has even written a FANTASTIC BOOK...which you can read about HERE!!)  Yup, little Poppy Print has done well for herself...and I predict she is going to SOAR because you just can't hold good talent down!  

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. The cutting garden is great.....and I love the insects!

  2. Krista is so great! I got to see her when she was here in Sweden in October! So much fun! And the class with her.... Wow! And to top it off I stayed in a cabin with her for three nights.... Fun, fun, fun! Kviltstina wrote about it on her blog! I know, I know, I am name dropping now but can you blame me😉

  3. That stuffie is the cutest ever. Checking out the magazine... I might just have to order.... looks like my kind of stuff. :)

  4. Looks like a fun book, can't wait to see what you make.


  5. So many great patterns! I especially like the Cutting Garden.

  6. Love that quilt pattern--so cheerful and colorful!

  7. the Australians certainly produce some wonderful magazines, shame they do not sell them in the shops here we get the American ones but not the aussie this looks super. Might get my sister to get it as she is coming over to the UK next year