Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Take Time...and take NINE!

I know I'm late this morning...but I'm HERE now!

It's a gorgeous day here in paradise!
Our sky is a lovely blue and the sun is shining, the air is crisp...a perfect day for a Remembrance Day Ceremony...or quiet reflection of what we hold dear.  Yes, we all remember, in our own way and give thanks....


Before I go, we NEED to talk about something quilty!  How about this Thrift Shop SCORE?  I know it doesn't LOOK like much but NEVER NEVER judge a book by it's cover...or in this case... magazine!!
It's a 'Quilt It' magazine but it's not just any old 'Quilt It'... it's all about our beloved NINE PATCH!!  I love me a good nine-patch...and look at all the stickies that I have sticking out of this magazine... holding a spot for a NINE PATCH jem that will blow your socks off!  SEW darn many good NINE PATCHES in this magazine that it looks like it's getting ready to explode with NINE PATCH goodness!  Never fear...this magazine was published in 2003...and it hasn't exploded yet!  But it does prove that an old magazine shouldn't necessary get tossed!  

So let me show you just a couple of my favourite NINE PATCH beauties...Like this classic!!  So regal...SEW BEAUTIFUL!

 And this one...a play on light and dark NINE PATCHES...

These look like dancing NINE PATCHES!!  SEW different!
 This one is similar to the first one but looks totally different...I NEED to make both!!
 There is even a Basket NINE PATCH pattern!
 BUT check out this's the NINE PATCH vine that caught my attention!!  I have never seen that before...have YOU?  So pretty!
Yup, this magazine could sustain me for a long, long time!  There are TWELVE stickies hanging out of this long would it take me to make them all?..that is, if nothing else catches my attention...!  :o))       Churn Dash!  Apple Core!  Hexies!!  Log Cabin!!  HST!!  Paper Piecing.....and the list goes on... Yeeowch!!:o}}  FOCUS!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Stitching...and take time to REMEMBER! ~P


  1. I'd forgotten about that magazine. I have it somewhere in the quilt library. It is a keeper!

  2. Looks like you are going to be one busy gal.

  3. What a great magazine! Lots of ideas to get you started on another couple projects.:)

  4. It is so important to take time to remember and give thanks for the things we hold dear to our heart. I love the quilts in this magazine, especially the Nine Patch Garden!

  5. Score is right! The more nine patches the merrier!

  6. Hi Paulette, I just got home from our Veterans Day Ceremony and sat down to try and catch up with all the days I have not been checking in. Thank goodness I did! I am so glad that Riley and your husband are doing well!!!! What a terrible experience. Please know that I am thinking of all 3 of you! Please keep me posted. Hope you do find the dogs and the owners. Such a sad time when you have to be so careful when you are just going for a walk. Thinking of you! Hugs, Lyn

  7. Need that magazine.......too many beautiful nine patch patterns!

  8. I just saw that Jack's chain quilt somewhere this week. Was it here? Anyway, lots of great ideas -- I like that vine idea too!

    Sending a little prayer to Rylie, I hope she's on the mend!

  9. This is indeed a SCORE. What could be better than a magazine dedicated to the fabulous nine patch. It certainly pays to check out those thrift shops.

  10. I've been looking for different nine patch ideas! I can't tell by your picture what month is that magazine, I'd love to look it up. I love your blog, one of my favorites. Glad all three of you are doing better.