Monday, November 23, 2015

It's TWINS...again!

My daughter's best gal pal is having TWINS in what's a mama to do but to whip up two baby quilts!  It's the least I can do, considering her friend and hubby will be enjoying double EVERYTHING!  Yikes!
I turned to my pink and blue stash and found snippets of some leftover Bunny Hill Fabric...and made two simple quilts...a HIS and HERS!  Yes, they are lucky to be getting one of each...babies that is, not quilts!:o)

I went for fast and simple...I cut out 5" blocks...only because I had a few left over from the last baby quilts...Come to think of it, they were for TWINS too!  What's with all the twins?
 And sewed them together.  This time I added one blue square to the girl's quilt as a symbol of her twin brother...and can you see the pink square in the blue quilt...a token of the baby boy's twin sister.
 Then added matching borders...
 And quilted them with organic straight lines...

 This week I am hoping to get the binding on and mailed off so that my daughter can gift them to the new mama and papa...because every baby deserves a patchwork matter how simple!

Not bad for a weekends work...errr... I mean play:o)!  Now I must get back to my Santa projects because times a ticking...

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!


  1. Those colors and fabrics look wonderful in a baby quilt.


  2. The quilts are truly cute! I like the straight line quilting!
    So true.... Every baby needs a quilt! My 6-year old granddaughter said one day as we gifted a quilt for a christening: "mommo, some children don't have any quilts so we have make them! " I just love the "we" part!

  3. Very sweet! I'm sure they will be appreciated and loved.

  4. What magical quilts they are! You always do the magic and these are so special with the pink and blue twin squares included in each one. Wonderful idea!

  5. Twin quilts for Twins! I like that you added int he extra color for each of them. Our Niece had Twins in Florida at 28 weeks. So tiny, I think a Mug rug would cover them.

  6. How sweet. I love the blue and pink square! What a wonderful gift. Hoping Riley is healing well!

  7. Great job, sure Momma will appreciated them. Not everyone is lucky enough to get a handmade quilt.

  8. Twins. How fun! Well, a lot of work having twins. But fun for others to watch.

  9. Very cute quilts, P. Sometimes the simplest designs work best, especially for a baby quilt. Good luck to your daughter's friends. With twins, they'll need it.

  10. 2 beauties and the pink square in the blue and blue in the pink link them together so well