Thursday, November 19, 2015

Heritage Happenings and a Rylie Update...

Let's do the Rylie update first...

It will be two weeks tomorrow since the pitbull attacked our little Rylie....What an ordeal!  Having an invalid dog is similar to having an invalid child...they both don't understand NO SCRATCHING or NO LICKING...haha ...which is where we are at!  This is a good sign as it means all of her stitches and wounds have healed (stitches come out tomorrow!)  We had serious infections but with a double dose of antibiotics and warm compresses that was taken care of!  Rylie LOVES the compresses and wants them to continue...along with all the chicken breast meals and special attention!
As for the Pitbull and his owner, both the RCMP and SPCA caught them the day after we reported it!  We filed the complaint against the Pitbull but have decided NOT to take the man to court for Vet costs...the man is already known to the RCMP so enough said!  We are THRILLED that Rylie is going to have a full recovery and we will leave it to the SPCA to deal with the pitbulls.  Yes, the man owned TWO pitbulls...and one is already in SPCA custody...:o)

Thank you everyone for your comments and cyber hugs during this ordeal!  It meant a lot to us.  It really did!! Cyber hugs all round!

NOW let's talk QUILTING!  The Heritage Hall was a regular Santa's Workshop as the quilters have been busy!  Click on the first picture and you will get a slide show...


There was a workshop for any members who wanted to learn how to make these wonderful bags!!  Thanks Carol!
So ends our day at Heritage!  Such inspiration and such a love of quilting in this room!  Is it any wonder why we all love going!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Thanks so much for updating us on Rylie's progress, also for the fact that they found the owner of the pitbull. I understand why you wouldn't want to go after restitution I would do the same thing.
    Loved the slideshow and lots of pats for the little one.

  2. Thanks for the update on Rylie...and so glad to hear that she is doing well! Loved the slideshow too!

  3. I'm so glad your sweet Rylie is on the mend and doing well. These quilting projects are fabulous. Love all the snowmen and the cute one with the fur brim! So sweet! The flower garden blocks are beautiful. Thanks for sharing and give Rylie a pat and a hug.

  4. What a relief to have all that behind you now! I'm so glad that Rylie is on the mend.

    And what a great collection of holiday sewing from HH! It's getting me in the mood. :D

  5. Having just made 16 snowmen, it is interesting to see some more great ideas that I may need to poach an idea or two and add to my collection.

    So glad to hear that Rylie is healing and the police are dealing with the dog and owner.

    Enjoy this gorgeous day here on the west coast.

  6. Thanks for the update on Rylie.

  7. I am glad to hear Rylie is doing well, that would freak me out if a dog attacked Bean. He is so friendly that he runs up to other dogs and wants to say hi and play, but not all dogs like that, so I am more careful now since a few snapped at him.


  8. Thanks for the good news about Rylie. Hope she continues healing. It's very hard to keep an animal from licking or scratching, and those plastic cones don't help. They must be pretty uncomfortable. Loved the slide show and all those quilts. As I always say, those Heritage Quilters are one talented group.

  9. Good to hear that your dog is improving. What an experience.
    The slide show was very good. Too many good things to comment on them all. The Christmas items and snowmen got my attention. Some really cute items. It feels nothing like Christmas here. Still quite warm. I don't know if I will make anything new for holiday decorating this year but some of your pictures have got me thinking.

  10. Thanks for the quilt show and I am so happy to hear that Rylie will be o.k.

  11. Such good news about Rylie! So many great projects! I saw lots of cute snowmen, but the Flowere Garden certainly caught my eye. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful quilts!

  12. I'm so very glad Rylie is bouncing back - very good news! (It's still awful to even think about what happened!)
    Thank you for such a wonderful quilt show - such talent!!!

  13. Happy to hear Rylie is recovering well and that the infection is a thing of the past. I hope your local police and SPCA truly do something about the owner of the dog that attacked Rylie. No slap on the hand!