Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Grandma of the YEAR!!

Don't you hate organized quilters who have their Christmas gifts (ie quilts) already wrapped and ready to put under the tree...and now they are busy making Christmas gifts for THEMSELVES!  GEEZE LOUISE...!!!

Sandy has BECOME just such a quilter!  Remember a couple of weeks ago she finished that beautiful QUEEN size bed quilt for her DS and DIL... and now she has made this for herself!
We both bought the pattern at Primitive Gatherings CA shop last Winter...her's is made and mine is still in the package...somewhere?  Dang stinking CUTE...

WAY cuter in real life!  Yup...this is going up on Sandy's wall and she is going to teach her two grand-daughters the song to go along with it!  What a Grandma!

And it doesn't stop there!

Ok...OK...Sandy is getting the Grandma of the Year award because look at what she made her grandkids for placemats!...They each get a monster placemat for home and they each get a monster placemat for her house...and they are ADORABLE!

 They all seem to have a personality of their own...

This pattern is called 'Monster Mats' by Desiree’s Designs.

Yup...we all agreed...Sandy is making the rest of us look bad!

I always work best under pressure... but seeing Sandy's happy SATISFIED smile makes me think that next year I should start earlier...
What about you?  Are your gifts ready to be put under the tree?

Thanks for the Show and Tell, Sandy! We really enjoyed it...didn't we?  ^$#*&@!

Have a wild and wonderful Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Those placemats are so cute. Would love to know the pattern that Sandy used.

  2. Those placemats are so cute. Would love to know the pattern that Sandy used.

  3. Too funny! I wish I were that organized. I think I still owe presents for last Christmas!

  4. Good grief! I hate overachievers! :)

  5. Can Sandy come to my house and work on some of my projects?

  6. I only started early cause I am sooooo slooooow.

  7. I haven't even decided what I want to make, let alone started on something.

  8. Super cute projects. I'm not sure even if I started in January I'd get everything that I wanted to get done done. But now I've just learned to adapt and learned to cross things off my to do list.

  9. haha I'm barely starting to gather the Christmas lists! Cute projects.:)

  10. Sandy's projects are so cute, especially those placemats! Last Christmas I completed 3 queen size quilts for gifts. I have no plans this year.

  11. I thought I was starting early enough but I'm starting to get nervous. I wanted to make four quilts to give away and only 3 of them are done so far. The fourth one is hand quilted so it's taking longer. Starting early just means you think you can do more!

  12. I haven't even made one little Christmas gift. Your friend is way ahead of the game.