Thursday, February 19, 2015

It Was Meant to Be…

I have met Susan several times…mainly at the Quilt Shows at home.

Susan is the owner of ‘A Threaded Needle’ which is an online fabric shop located on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Susan always has a wonderful booth at our local shows and it is always filled with yarn dyed Japanese fabrics and lovely Japanese quilts hanging…I wrote about her HERE after visiting her booth a few years ago!

Of course I signed up for ‘A Threaded Needle’ Newsletter…and I have been drooling over her Backyard Birds series that she is working on! (Her newsletters are very informative…there is always a lesson to be learned…tons of inspiration and eye candy…it’s so much more than a Newsletter!)

backyard birds1

In her last few Newsletters, Susan has been showing us how to applique using yarn dyed fabrics…and the Backyard Birds pattern!  STUNNING!

backyard birs

Well guess what I found at JoAnn’s last week…and using a coupon I got it for practically nothing!!  It followed me HOME! 


And here’s a picture of all the blocks inside this wonderful pattern!


Yup…it was meant to be!  Thanks, Susan for your inspiration, knowledge and lessons! 

If you don’t get ‘A Threaded Needle’ newsletters then you are REALLY missing out!  Go HERE to sign up!  AND no, I am not on commission, just letting you know about a wonderful wealth of knowledge…for FREE!  Learn how to make a clutch purse, a snap purse, a pincushion or a Sashiko stitched cushion…or a runner using the Backyard Birds pattern!  Susan is a wealth of knowledge…why not tap into her!

There, that’s my post for today!  Hope you quilters from back EAST have warmed up…I did send some sunshine your way to help melt some of that snow!  Spring is on it’s way…REALLY it is!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Thank you Paulette , I signed up for the newsletter. I love the Japanese fabric. And looking forward to learning more. Thanks for the sunshine. Going to be 2degrees tonight. Can't wait for spring and some green things and flowers again.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to 'A Threaded Needle! I have been looking for a source of Japanese fabrics and to find one in BC Is wonderful.

  3. yep...we are sisters...I have that pattern!

  4. Thanks, Paulette, for the info on A Threaded Needle. I don't know there was a shop on the Sunshine Coast, and I signed up for their newsletter. They have the metal purse frames I've been looking for. Also love the Japanese fabrics.

  5. Ah sweet Paulette, love her little birds in Japanese soft cottons. I will put this on our itineary for our June trip. Love those coupons.

  6. Love her take on the birds, the fabric really makes a difference.


  7. Thanks for the link! Love her little birds.:)

  8. I love hearing how so many treasures follow you home! Enjoy!

  9. Paulette, have you ever gone to the two quilt shops on the Sunshine Coast? Carola's Quilt Shop is in Gibson's Landing and Fibre Expressions is in Sechelt. They are both great bricks and mortar shops. Carola travels to a lot of B.C. Quilt shows as does Susan from A Threaded Needle. Might be time for another tour of the Sunshine Coast this year.

  10. I've been getting her newsletter for quite awhile, luckily she'll be a vendor here in Victoria, BC. for The Sewing Show in March and the Westshore Quilt Guild show in April so lucky us.

  11. Thanks for the link to Susan's shop. I've signed up for the newsletter. Your book is wonderful - I love birds so I hope you get going on the quilt soon so I can watch your progress!

  12. Beautiful! I will go signup for her newsletter. Thanks

  13. My boys gave me that pattern for my birthday last year - I wonder what I did with it - I really love it!