Friday, February 20, 2015


…if you are a regular reader, then you may already know this …BUT before we left for Snowbirding this year, I prepped two hand projects…one to do while traveling down south…and one to complete while returning home.  Like all good plans, this one has run amuck, but in a good way…

I completed the first part of this project… “Home For The Holidays” in plenty of time!

It was a fun one to do…and I stitched the printing in the evenings while watching TV.  I have the HSTs prepped and ready to roll…

The second project was going to be for traveling home…but I have found the need for more hand work…mainly to do while sitting in the ‘shade room’ while listening to audio books…

So far I have FIVE out of the eight panels done! 


Here’s a close-up peak of one of the panels…dang STINKING cute!! 


(Please overlook the beads of sweat on his upper lip…it was HOT yesterday…really hot!)

There are still special effects to be added to the other panels…the lamb needs a wreath, the snowman needs some flakes and the gingerbread men need their garland decorated…but on the whole she is looking good!

As I continue to work on this project, I am going to have to think about prepping another project for the road home…Now this is a problem that I can handle!!:o)

How about YOU?  How are your projects going…?  Are you ahead of schedule too?  Let me tell you, it’s kind of a nice change!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Just wondering: In your first photo, do your candy canes need red?

  2. Wow! Now that is a real problem, having to prep another project. You are really ahead of the game! ;-) Have a great day. Now on to yesterdays blog, I didn't see it yesterday.

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. "Ahead of schedule." ha ha ha ha ha.

  4. I'm pretty good about projecting a timeline for projects. But I don't usually get too far ahead. I sure you can uncover something fun for the ride home. Love your Home for the Holidays.

  5. Such cute projects. Prepping? That's what I am doing now. I have a quilt retreat coming up next week and so I decided to start cutting fabric for a Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt. I think I have enough for several!! But my scraps bins are really looking good now.

  6. I can't believe that you are working on wool in the desert! I'm prepping hexies for my trip to California next month and on quilt 10 of the Ten Little Reds from the Red Button Quilt Company. Wanna see them?

  7. Looking mighty good. How large is the tree skirt? Will be a shame to cover up that beauty with presents.

  8. I have a multitude of projects on the go and constantly being tempted by another.

    Are you using Sandcastle fabric as a background for your tree skirt or did you prequilt the fabric?

    Have fun choosing your next project.

  9. Isn't it amazing how quickly the applique goes when you're working on wool projects? I'm always finished waaaay quicker than I anticipated. It's a good thing...and a bad thing! Both of your projects look wonderful!

  10. It is nice to have hand projects to work on while you are in the camper and traveling. They are both wonderful pieces and will be nice for next Christmas.


  11. Three cows done, six more to go! And I have a LARGE wool project to prep before we start home although I am liking this knitting business too!

  12. You are making great progress and obviously enjoying the fresh air and getting lots done!

  13. These are so cute! I have many projects lined up and waiting and very little time to work on them. I thought I'd be able to sew all weekend, but hubby has it off and we have company coming.
    There's always next week.

  14. Hi there! I get your need to prep for you trip home.... What about 4 or 5 rows of clams? I know, drudgery to get them ready... Or 2 rows prepped, then prep enough clams for 2 more rows? Or what meets your fancy! LOL. Take care in all you do! Leslie

  15. That is so cute - and ahead? I'm so far behind I think I'm first, does that count?