Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FUN at Primitive Gatherings…CA style!

Renee, one of the Clubhouse Quilters, REALLY wanted to go to Primitive Gatherings’ new California store…but didn’t want to go alone.  Would Sandy and I like to go with her?  Well…Do pigs smell?  Do ducks fly?  Do Woolies **itch…hey… that’s STitch!?  YOU BET WE WANTED TO GO!!

Would you believe we were at PG for TWO HOURS…no rushing for us!  We looked in every nook and cranny!  I met Kay, a very nice blog lurker!  Sandy, who said she was NOT buying a THING, ended up being the big spender!  (NEVER say never…because you KNOW what’s going to happen!) 

Here’s the motley crew…Renee is on the left with the glasses and Sandy is in the middle.  Sandy, of course, had the whole line-up cracking up with her comedy routine!  She is such a hoot!


I didn’t take pictures of the shop as I was just here two weeks ago…you can refresh your memory HERE!  Nice…eh?

What I am going to show you are these two quilts…from a teacher who was in the workshop room.  She was either unloading these quilts or packing them up…but they were nice, really nice…and of course we got to talking! She was also working on Buggy Barns Folkart Quilt (which I didn’t get pics of…darn!!  Her blocks were gorgeous!)


Both quilts were wonderful but it was this black one that really caught my eye!!  Loved those trees and stars set in the black of the quilt!!  Just lovely!


PG’s classroom has tons of natural light and made this quilt appear to be washed out when really it wasn’t!


I also took a picture of the wonderful label! 


Primitive Gatherings’ shop continues to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!!  We also discovered that it is right on the border between Murrieta and Temecula…just down the road to the Wool Lady’s Shop in Old Town Temecula!!  OH man, the lucky woolies who live here!

Lunch was at the Souplantation…the best salads EVER and across the street was a Hobby Lobby!  YOWZERS!! Pinch me PLEASE!! A girl could get poor, very poor, living down here!  It’s a good thing we are heading home next month!

Renee was thrilled with Primitive Gatherings…how could she not!!  She is all setup for a summer of stitching fun as she bought several wool kits, patterns and threads!  And Sandy…well let’s just say she will never EVER say that she is not buying a thing because we all KNOW for a fact that that’s not possible!:o}}

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. You said it! You are on one big quilt show for 3 months. What fun you Gals have. I ended up downloading Buttermilk Basins mystery quilt yesterday. Looks fun and quite easy. Just up my alley. Appointment this morning, but hope to build a house today! ;-) Have another fun day!

  2. love love love the black one!!! Sandy is such a crack up...not buying a things...famous last words of the Quilt Crier, lol

  3. Looks like you had a lovely day.

    It is hard to tell is the at the cabin quilt pieced or raw edge appliqué. It is lovely but enquiring minds want to know?

  4. I can't even imagine having PG so close that you can go multiple times! I made that top quilt in pastels and then bought s kit to make it again in darks. Hmmm where is that? Funny about sandy not going to buy anything. Sounds like me. :)

  5. I know I wouldn't have to be asked twice, lol.
    I am glad it is not near me, I would go broke;)


  6. Oh gosh! Love Those Saltbox Cabins Trees & Stars! You have a gift for finding the best stuff to tempt us all! I had to look it up and found Little Cabin In The Big Woods (thank goodness you photographed that cute label!) is a pieced design by Country Quilts and available on Craftsy! I'll think I'll be meandering back there now for a download!

  7. Surely you'll make another trip to PG before you go home. Glad I live too far away, but it's on my bucket list. She needs to add rug hooking to her store and she'd have to expand it soon.

  8. Such a fun time you have with your quilting buddies. Love hearing the stories and seeing those scrumptious quilts!

  9. I do like that black one. You guys really do have a great time shopping. I can't believe you will be going back home so soon. Seems like a short vacation this time.