Monday, May 7, 2012

A Threaded Needle

When I went to the Road to California back in January I was clutching my list of MUST HAVES…and at the top of the list was BEIGE Daiwabo Japanese fabrics.  The year before I had concentrated on brown Daiwabo fabric for the background to my Heart to Hand Autumn Quilt.  Now I wanted the background fabric for the Heart to Hand Garden/ Heart to Home Quilt.  I managed to pick up what I needed here and there…but it wasn’t an easy feat as no one had a great selection except for Pioneer Quilts in Portland, OR.

Imagine my surprise when I went to this BOOTH at the Victoria Guild’s Quilt Show… It was called ‘A Threaded Needle’ and they are from Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast.  YES, they have got an On-Line Shop…that sells EVERYTHING…and at USA Prices! (dare I say it…even a little cheaper!!) 


Yup, you guessed it…they specialize in Japanese fabric…Japanese Books….


Sashiko stitching..(big stitch sewing)

P1180343  Lovely Japanese Linens….(check this out Poppyprint!!)


All the paraphernalia to whip up the cutest handbags….


See..aren’t they cute!


And isn’t this one perfect for a teacher…and easy to make too!!


Lots of little Japanese ‘Do-Dads’…


Lovely buttons and threads…and needles…


AND DAIWABO FABRIC!!  I tell you, I almost had a coronary right there and then!!  I travel all the way to the Road to California…looking for Daiwabo and here it is right here at home!!  AND for 25cents CHEAPER per Fat Quarter!!  AND JUST LOOK at the selection!!  A better selection than at Pinwheels( major USA distributor for Daiwabo Fabric) or at the Heart to Hand Booth at Road!!


Yup…the Victoria quilters liked this booth…a lot!!  Who wouldn’t…??     P1180354So what I bought didn’t break the bank… FIVE measly FQs…but aren’t they pretty… 


Let me give you a close up so that you can appreciate the TEXTURE of Daiwabo fabric…

P1180410Yes, these pieces felt right at home with the rest of the family….     P1180421

I’m sure that when the lid went on, there was lots of reminiscing about their homeland and the adventures that they had had crossing that big, old ocean…!!  Come on…humour me….

And then this morning LOOK at what I found!!  That RED is such a harlot!!  Obviously wants to be the centre of attention!!  Sheesh!  There is one in every crowd  box! P1180430

You can have an adventure too…just go to The Threaded Needles online shop and have a look around!!  It’s wonderful…and it’s Canadian!!  Got to like that…eh!!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. How I love how you bring such excitement to us with your fabric store visits - it's like going on tour with a big happy smile on my face. I can almost feel the fabric with your descriptions. Another happy morning with you today! THANKS!!!!

  2. You have way too much self control, lol.
    I would have bought one of every color, lol.
    I have gotten a couple of bundles from our local shop, she sells them for a good price in bundles, less than if I bought yardage.


  3. So is this fabric 100% cotton and you mix it with other cotton fabrics in your quilts?

    Does it feel like the same weight fabric but with more texture?

    Enquiring minds want to know.


  4. It was nice to meet you at the quilt show. It was so good I went back on Sunday and took a friend so I could help her find some deals.

  5. I dragged my husband to the quilt show yesterday and he actually enjoyed it. Lots of beautiful quilts to look at, and the Merchant's Mall was certainly worth a peak. First thing, I headed over to Hamel's and bought me some Civil War fabrics. I had been checking them out online on Thursday before you even mentioned them, so was excited to see what they had to offer. Love the gorgeous fabric you bought, especially the red.

  6. Oh my goodness!!! You find the best STUFF! These fabrics are gorgeous! I love the cream with the colored squares woven in! YUM!

  7. In love with those fabrics!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  8. I like how you describe that red piece of fabric. A Scarlet Letter for sure.

  9. Wow! Another great Canadian shop!!! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Thank you for letting us know about this! Can you believe I didn't really know what Daiwabo fabric was!

  11. Talk about serendipity!!! Gotta love it - you sure have a nice collection in your bin, Paulette! Had a good laugh over the "eh"....

  12. A veritable gold mine. Thanks for sharing this one Paulette.

  13. So happy you found your fabric and right there close by!!:) Thanks for sharing all the great pictures!!