Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I’ll Show You Mine…

…if you show me yours!

Over at Val’s Blog this morning, she is having an organizational Show And Tell…Val is unveiling her sewing room…sew darn pretty and organized!  Others are linking in…and I have to tell you, after seeing their pictures, I want to rip apart my sewing room and start over!  Oh yeah…I have no sewing room!  I’m in an RV…remember!  So I can’t show you pictures of shelves or cupboards or containers….


I can show you how I keep my threads organized and ready at a moments notice…Sounds EXCITING doesn’t it?  Kind of like watching paint dry…but hey, it’s the best I’ve got this morning!  Work with me!!:o}}}

I’m am actually VERY excited about this method of storing my threads as I have been fighting with this for several years!  My usual evening scenario would be to get my project out…and then hunt up my threads…then the proper size needle…where was the needle threader? Where is my thimble?  (get the picture)

Now I have this…everything all in one place!!  Eureka!  This is my Wool Thread Case…IMG_3963

The top section has my scissors, thimble, needles, pins, marking pens and the thread that I am currently working with!


The next sections hold the wool threads….


Love it!!   Stuff my project into that top section and I am ready for a road trip!


But wait…I’m not finished!  I also have my Perle Cotton case…


Organized in much the same way…top container holds my hand quilting threads, scissors, ruler, glue, thread holder, pattern, thimble, hoop, clips….


Bottom container holds my perle cotton.  I know it looks a mess but they are all there…in one place!  No searching for me!!


Let’s zoom in…I know there are layers here but you just dig!  I tried the little section contain but I would need too many bins to hold them all.  This works and I can still close the lid!  ;o))


Sew organized!  Which means more time for stitching and less time for searching!!


Being organized is so much better…really it is!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching…oh, and  make sure you hustle over to Val’s Quilting Studio!  She just might fire you up to do some organizing of your own!!  It’s a GOOD THING! ~P


  1. Love those containers. Definitely great organization tools. Just snap and go. And wow, do you have a great stash of pearl cotton. Do you have a good source to recommend? I need to pick some up for a summer travel project.


  2. Well.... would you believe it... I store my essentials in exactly the same way you too. Great minds think alike eh...lol Love being able to 'grab and go'. Have fun....xxx

  3. Please show pics of your sewing area in your RV! We will be moving into our RV in May and I truly need ideas for storage! I always have more sewing than anything else. I also have a DH, one old Labrador, and one Pomeranian! Please share your pics?

  4. Those look like the perfect solution for creating in a small space or when traveling. When my DH retires in a few years I'll have to learn to take my sewing on the road during our winter getaways. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have the same container that I keep my Valdani thread in, with one slot for scissors, thread heaven, pen, pencil, seam ripper, money (ya never know), and a few pieces of hard candy.

  6. I like those containers - I'll have to pop over and pick up some tips!

  7. Your organizing containers are really nice. It gives me some great ideas. Practical neat and easy to travel. Awesome

  8. I have a few of those types, they are great for keeping it all in one place, but separated.


  9. Would love to know where to get that container Too

  10. I love that quilters and creative people can create in any sized space. Great organization!!