Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Hemet Quilt Show…

SIMPLY PUT…the  Hemet Quilt Show continues to be one of the BEST little quilt shows EVER!  From it’s Second-hand Boutique, to it’s wonderful Vendors to the magnificent quilts on display!  It NEVER disappoints!

Of course, we ALWAYS start off the show by heading to the Second-Hand Boutique FIRST, after all the early birds get the worms…and we ARE Snowbirds…does that count?  Let me tell you, there were deals to be had…on bundles of fabric, buttons, books and magazine and everything else in between!! 

This picture is from LAST year BUT it could have been taken yesterday as it looks the same…same tables, different loot!


The Boutique is always fun…you just never know what you will find!  We managed to fill THREE bags with quality items…which we took to the truck before we hit the main hall!

I love the vendors at this show!  The Rusty Crow lady wasn’t there this year but never fear we have Laurel from ‘Simply Put’…one of the nicest, sweetest ladies that you will EVER meet!

Here’s Laurel looking as pretty as ever…saying out of the corner of her mouth that she always takes a bad picture!  I beg to differ!  She was as gorgeous as ever!

IMG_3839 - Copy

I remember Laurel when she use to sell her patterns at the ‘Country Loft Quilt Shop’ in Temecula, then the Loft closed and Laurel was forced to sell her patterns elsewhere!  So Laurel set out on her own…and the rest is history!  She is now a famous pattern designer who is regularly featured in all the (good) magazines and she has a thriving and prosperous On Line Shop (and blog)! 

IMG_3840 - Copy

Do you remember THIS quilt…it was on my TO DO LIST (after seeing it in the Primitive Quilts Magazine) but after seeing it in person, it got bumper to the top of the list!  You know me and scrappy quilts… but I LOVE the big stitch quilting and the ‘subtle’ messages all over the quilt… ***LOVE IT***

IMG_3841 - Copy

This little mat is SEW darn sweet…I’m thinking I have the pattern at home, but I’m not sure…  (don’t you HATE it when you aren’t sure!)  But Laurel DOES have that on-line shop…

IMG_3842 - Copy

How sweet is this patriotic quilt BUT  when you come down to it, you could stitch anything on those wee stars…

IMG_3843 - Copy

A little blurry but you get the idea…such sweet stuff!

IMG_3844 - Copy

And lots of gorgeous projects that could be made in hours and then gifted…LOVE IT ALL!

IMG_3845 - Copy

Oh…I recognize this from Primitive Quilts Magazine!  SWEET!

IMG_3846 - Copy

And I am a sucker for house quilts!

IMG_3847 - Copy

I really love the heart felt messages that are lovingly stitched into each little quilt making each quilt sew much more special!

IMG_3848 - Copy

At the end of my visit, Laurel gifted me this Primitive Quilts Calendar…which she autographed on the page that has her quilt on it!! I told you, she was the SWEETEST!! 


Here’s a picture of the quilt that is gracing the JULY page!!  How exciting!!


And how is this for a SWEET message!!


Thanks you Laurel!!  I wish you continued success in ALL that you do!!  It’s been fun to watch you ‘grow’ and I KNOW that with your talent and creativity, your success will take you to the moon and back!  SIMPLY PUT you’re the best!

Tomorrow I will show you another wonderful booth at the Hemet Show and of course I HAVE to show you what the talented Quilters of Hemet have been up to…stay tuned!

Have a SUNNY Sunday (forecast is for 88F (31C)…I declare today National Pool Day!) and happy stitching!~P


  1. Good morning! I enjoyed your write up on our Quilt Show. I am so sorry I missed you! I didn't get off work until 12 and thought I must have missed you. Saw Sandy several times. So glad you enjoyed the show. Maybe next year we will meet up! Hugs

  2. I'm looking forward to several days of good stuff now, Paulette! The Simply Put designs all have such a nice feel to them. Lots to see!

  3. That is a greeat way to spend Valentine's Day! At a Quilt Show- Geniuses, I say, that got it started there. Cute stuff in that Booth. you tempt me...again.

  4. Thank you for the photos, us viewers enjoy them since we can't be there.

  5. What a great show and I love how she added small words around the blocks. And very sweet of Laurel to give you a copy of the calendar.


  6. I like the design by Laurel. I don't think I have it but I have just done a design by her that was in the primitive quilt magazine a while back.

  7. what a fun event to look forward to each year! Simply Put is simply the best!

  8. Egads another place for me to spend money, lol - I love her patterns, thanks hon!