Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This Vintage Quilter….

My back is FINALLY on the mend…thank goodness!  This is the first morning that I have gotten out of bed with a spring to my step…and not like Father Moses, all hunched over, moaning and groaning!! 

For the last two weeks I have done NO sewing…it hurt to stand and it hurt to sit!  I remained on my back… reading!  It’s a good thing I love to read…SEW…I plowed through a stack of books…and THIS magazine!  Ahhhh yes, THIS magazine…IMG_1350

I love Quiltmania!  I mean really, just LOOK at the quilt on the cover…how could you NOT love this issue!!  Doesn’t it look like a vintage quilt?!  It was designed by Karen Styles and she hit this one right out of the baseball park!!  I might have to break my vow never to do hexagons again…:o))


And then there was THIS one…I love the way Quiltmania shows a full on picture of the quilt…no guess work here!!


Plus they also have a staged ‘in action’ quilt picture…another vintage looking quilt!!  Swoon…(designed by Anna Griffin…)


Laurie Simpson (of Minick and Simpson) designed this beauty…which also has a vintage flair….


Do you see a pattern here…I seem to be going through a VINTAGE stage of life right now…and NOT just in quilts!!  When I look in the mirror I definitely see VINTAGE…yup…everything is fading, the batting has shifted…and then there are those wrinkles!!  But vintage is good…right??  RIGHT?

Hmmm… I wonder when a quilt goes from being vintage to being an antique?  Man, I’m not even going there….

With those thoughts in mind, this Vintage Quilter is going to leave you…who knows, I may even head into the Sewing Room today…with a slight spring in my step…! 

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Sorry to hear about your back issues, have you seen the Spring Quiltmania special issue, it is great. I prefer the quarterly special issues more than the regular ones. Although from time to time I do get a regular issue.

    Go slow and easy today.

  2. It really is a great issue. So many visual treats.:)

  3. QuiltMania is my favorite magazine! So when my SIL asked me to go to the QuiltMania quilt show in France this year I jumped at the chance. We had a fabulous time and saw a lot of wonderful quilts. That cover quilt was hanging in their booth and was even better in person. Even the vendors were much different than at the US shows so of course we had to buy a few things.

  4. I am sorry to hear that you hurt your back, that is not fun and I know you are like me, sitting still for that long is maddening, lol.


  5. Glad you are doing better, I have been out of commission for 4 weeks and now I am back to normal. It is great to be back in the garden and sewing room.

  6. Espero que pronto estés recuperada de tu espalda!!!!
    Quilmania es mi revista favorita
    siempre quiero hacer todo

  7. Glad to hear you are better! Nothing is worse than to have a back that isn't happy! What beautiful quilts. I keep sewing hexagons to the templates but haven't come up with something to actually make. I am thinking about it still.... I always enjoy when you post, so I have missed you- K-

  8. good to read you are better and the back well on the mend. This is not a magazine I buy, will have to have a sneak peek in the newsagents and check it out

  9. Hi SP. I am so glad your back is finally feeling better, but be careful not to go doing too much too soon.

  10. Hi SP. I am so glad your back is finally feeling better, but be careful not to go doing too much too soon.

  11. I have back problems so much of the time so have much sympathy for your aches and pains. You seem to be getting better which is good.

    I am trying not to be tempted by so many quilt patterns. LOL! The hexagon piece looks very interesting though. I have not made a hexagon quilt yet but if I do, I think it would not be roundish.

  12. Sew glad to hear that you are on the mend. Enjoy