Thursday, June 5, 2014

P2 Strikes AGAIN!

Paulette 2 has been busy…REALLY busy…and she sent pictures to prove it!

Remember her headboard that she sent pictures of…her plans were to turn it into a wall quilt holder…Check it out…

Here is the BEFORE picture…as you can see, it’s in rough shape!

IdeaIII (2)

Here it is~ without the legs, painted black and then lightly distressed…WOW!!

Headboardholder (1)

AND here it is FINISHED!!  Gorgeous!!  Makes you want to rush to the bedrooms with a saw in hand…?!   AND just feast your eyes on those quilts!!  P2 is one talented and prolific quilter!


And while P2 still had a paintbrush in hand, she decided to tackle the upstairs bathroom…

Here’s the BEFORE picture…

BeforeBR1 (1)

And here’s the AFTER picture…she is letting that quilt and rug be the focal point…and don’t you just LOVE BOTH!!  The bathroom is now bright and sparkling…with the your eye going to THAT rug and quilt!  LOVE IT!!


And outside she whipped up this bird house bottle tree…SWEET…or should I say..TWEET!


And she is letting the passing neighbours know that a QUILTER LIVES HERE!  :o)  Hmmmm… food for thought!


P2 didn’t say what this wee house is…a shed, dog house, quilting room, a time out room, hubby’s space?…whatever…all I know is that it is DANG cute!


Thanks for sharing your incredible corner of the world, P2!  I loved seeing all of your creations!!  It’s always wonderful to hear from you!

What about YOU?  Have you got something Quilty that you would love to share with the world?  Send your pics along…and I’ll see what I can do about posting them!  We want to see…and enjoy!

Have a thrilling Thursday and happy Quilting!~P1


  1. Wow! I love it all - the quilt holder, the bathroom, the little bird house, the quilt block, and that cute little house! What great creativity and design sense - wonderful!!!

  2. That's a great quilt holder! So much creativity in all her endeavors.:)

  3. That is a neat quilt holder, really need to hit the consignments again, lol. Sometimes we have little houses like that in neighborhoods, the kids use them to wait for the bus in bad weather.


  4. If she turned it 90 degrees it would have been another great quilt ladder to fold quilts over. Either way she did a lovely job with the makeovers throughout her home.

  5. Un reciclado estupendo. Me encanta.

  6. I love the little building! I would like to pin it but don't know how. P.S. I read your blog regularly. I travel and visit and learn through quilting blogs.

  7. It takes a very creative mind to come up with an idea to turn a bed headboard into a quilt holder. It turned out very good.