Monday, June 9, 2014

The Cobble Hill Vintage Market…

Just a quick post as we still have company from the weekend…and I want to devote my time to them!  Since they are still sleeping I will bang off a quick post!

On Saturday we managed to hit the FIRST annual Cobble Hill Vintage Market!  We were on our way to the ferry to do a ‘pick up’ and had only half an hour to spare…but what a half hour!!

I loved every moment!  Talk about an Annie Sloan moment!  (FYI…Annie Sloan has ‘chalk paint/wax’ available  which most of the vintage furniture was painted with it!!)  Loved it all!!

Isn’t the doilie bunting sweet…doilies cut in half and stitched to tape with brass buttons in between!!  


The 37 booths were positioned in circle going around a huge field…


…with some booths in the center…This one was a favourite!!


I don’t know the lady but I had to show you this booth…tons of eye candy!!


LOVED these chairs…and signs!!


And how sweet is this stand…I can see this out in my garden…


More goodies…


Lots of old crocks with flower displays…


So many things to see…I could have circled this field MANY times…but had to be satisfied with only once!!  Next year…


Oh man…I loved these old framed copper ceiling tiles!!  And they were only $20…I was going to go back…but ran out of time!


So much fun…and in the half hour we got a taste of what a ‘vintage market’ is like…and of course, we each left with a purchase or two!  (Maybe it was a good thing that we only had 30 minutes to peruse the venue or we would have done some serious damage! :o)!!


How did this ‘vintage market’ compare to the Palm Spring’s Vintage Market that I went to in March?  Well…BOTH were good…but…I liked this one WAY better…it felt more vintagey, where the Palm Spring’s Market was more retro….  (check out the link to the pics of the PS Vintage Fair and you be the judge…)

If you are into ‘vintage’ than I highly recommend Vintage Fairs…check your local papers…they seem to be ‘the IN thing’ right now!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Looks like a great day and a great place for a vintage sale. Are those your legs in the mirror when up you took that picture? The mirror has a love frame on it.

    Enjoy your visitors and our great weather we are having.

  2. That looks like a fun market to go to, lots of different types of items for different tastes. Have fun with your company.


  3. They have a Red Barn and Farm Chicks sale around here. I just babysat all week-end while my DS #2 took his wife this past week-end in Spokane/Mead area. They found some treasures. It was her request for her B-day.

  4. what a treat to visit this field, lots of goodies to see

  5. You did very well for only having a short visit. I'll take one of everything.