Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Special Quilt for a Special Girl!

I can’t believe that the end of June is almost here…YIKES!!  Now how did THAT happen?  I wish it was possible to slow down time…maybe if I could, I would get more done around here!!  Having said that…progress is being made…albeit slow…;o)

In the meantime, here is what my friend, Sandy has been working on…you may remember Sandy working on this at the Clubhouse down south this winter…well it is almost FINISHED!!IMG_1323

It’s a special Birthday Quilt for her daughter, Christine!!  A true labour of love!


Christine is going to LOVE all of the family photos scattered throughout the quilt!  Seriously, she is going to flip when she sees it!  The top picture is of Christine as a bride’s maid at her big brother’s wedding!


Hazel quilted it for Sandy and did a beautiful job…lots of hearts scattered here and there!!  Perfect!  A very heartfelt gift if ever there was one!


Here’s a baby picture of Christine…yup, time sure does fly!  Christine is turning 33 this year! 


And on the back of the quilt, Sandy put soft and cuddly, Minky! 


Sandy is BIG stitch quilting around the pictures and then stitching the binding on!  I hope that she is able to share the finished quilt before the Birthday Party which is in early July! 

Thanks, Sandy for sharing your project!!  I’m sure it will inspire others to create a much loved treasure for someone they care about!

Before I go I need to share a FREE pattern that was sent to me by a blogging friend (thanks Karen!)…it’s dang cute!!  In fact it’s adorable!


If you live in the States you have plenty of time to complete this by July 4th…but you better hurry…the clock is ticking!!  You need to go HERE for the pattern…it’s call “Miriam’s Buttoned Up Flag” and it’s put out by Marcus Fabrics!!  So thank you Marcus and Miriam!!

Have a Wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Christine's quilt is gorgeous and made with lots of love by her Mom.
    She will be awestruck when she sees it on her birthday.
    Well done Sandy.

  2. I'm not a quilter, but my first stop at the county and state fair is the quilt displays. This one is beautiful. She will love it.

  3. That is a beautiful quilt and something that will be treasured. I saw that flag quilt and thinking it would be a fun way to use up some of my button stash.


  4. What a special quilt. I have always wanted to do a quilt with photos in it. This one inspires me!

  5. what a good idea putting the photos in this memory quilt, a real beauty

  6. That quilt is beyond gorgeous! What a labor of love, indeed and with the photos scattered about it is truly a treasure ! Lucky girl when she receives it :)