Friday, June 6, 2014

Some Woolie Luv…

Recently I had lunch with friends and fellow wool lovers, Claire and Julie…and of course that means a bit of show and tell!

Here’s some Woolie Luv provided by my friend, Julie…IMG_1215

These are blocks from Heart to Hands ‘Garden Quilt’…what an undertaking for a new woolie!!


Yup, I would LOVE to take credit for these blocks but no, they’re all Julie’s!  Julie is new to wool but you would never know it…she’s taken to it like a duck to water…or a bumble bee to a sunflower!


Two blocks DONE…ten more to go!!  Can’t wait!

Claire showed us her big WIN from Norma Whaley’s Blog ‘Timeless Tradions’…


I’m so glad that Claire brought it for sharing as it is even more wonderful in REAL life…it was made by Norma herself!  We were amazed that she had the time to create something this fabulous for a give away…Norma is cranking out exquisite designs left, right and centre…I swear the woman doesn’t sleep!

Here’s the inside of the Journal…little pocket for your pens…


And a lovely inscription on the first page!  Yup, Claire is going to treasure this Journal!!


Claire also brought along this marking pen to share…we are ALWAYS looking for ways to mark wool…especially black wool!  This pen gets rave reviews from Claire.  It’s an iron off Pencil…


Claire had a wool block that she demoed this pen on but the picture didn’t turn out!  DARN! (It was cute too!!) You will have to take our word for it…this pencil works great…and Claire said that after you are finished stitching, you just tap the markings with an iron and presto..they are GONE!!  Looks like I am on the HUNT!! 

Thanks for stopping by!!  I hope you enjoyed the Woolie Luv sent to YOU this morning…I’m sew happy that my friends are stitching because not much has been happening around here! :o}} But I have to say that I am now INSPIRED and that is half the battle!!….RIGHT?

Wishing you a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely wooly projects . Would love to find one of those markers .

  2. Always look forward to your posts! Head over to full line stencils -- that pencil is one of their products. Thank you so much for telling us about it! Love your blog.

  3. Just wanted to tell you, I went to the wonderful store Pioneer quilts, Yes they are closing that store because their lease was up and the man raise it higher, So they are going to move to a small place but they haven't found one yet. I will keep in posted. So coming or going to as a snow bird you can stop. Have a great quilt day!

  4. Yes, that marking pen is the bomb and I can't wait to finish the project that I originally purchased it for. What a sweet win for Claire, hope I get to see it in the Fall.

  5. Beautiful wool projects! Have a good weekend!

  6. Lots of wonderful woolie projects going on!! Lovely journal cover!

  7. Those are beautiful pieces and I love the wools she is using on the bunny pieces.


  8. seeing these wool work pieces shows what a lovely craft it is, have not tried it yet but these pieces are making me think I must find time to have a go

  9. When you find that pencil, let us all know please--I'm in need of something for marking my current wool project!

  10. Found it!! Full Line Stencils and I've got two on the way!! Thanks for the heads up Paulette!

  11. Love the woolie blocks and that journal cover is too precious! Thanks for sharing!:)

  12. The sunflower block with the bee.....I like!