Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We’re Off to the FAIR!..

…that’s the Cowichan Exhibition, held every year in our little valley!  I swear, the exhibits get bigger (as in more) and better every year!

There were animals…lots of animals!  Sheep are like snowmen to me…I am a sucker for them…LOVE THEM…and of course we do have a common bond…WOOL!!haha P1190878

And there was a whole building full of bunnies (you know how they can multiply!)…they would give Harriet and Harrington a run for their money in cuteness! 


And this little guy wanted baaaaaadly to come home with me…supplying me with endless wool…but I don’t think my neighbours would appreciate it…BUT he is awfully cute…just look at those eyes!


Walk away…walk away!

Enough of the animals…let’s get to the QUILTS!!

One things for sure, our Quilting economy is doing VERY well in the Cowichan Valley…even when you factor in the high cost of fabric, Quilters continue to crank out the quilts…and they were gorgeous!

So pour yourself a coffee and put your feet up…and let’s wander through the fair!…OK, maybe you better put your feet down!

This is part way down the hall…magnificent isn’t it!  Just ignore Delores showing off that sweet grandson!! :o)  Yes, he is magnificent too…

P1190932   No, we are not in the Baking section…these are really oven mitts in disguise!!  


Here’s a close up!!  LOVED these!!  The wide rick rack makes the fluted crust and berry prints make up the filling!  Wouldn’t they make a wonderful gift!


Yes, I would give this sweet mat a blue ribbon too!!  VERY cute!


Ok…now we are cooking…a perfect scrappy quilt for fall!


Lovely scrappy goodness!  And it’s keeping my Winding Way company…and do you see my Snowman quilt at the top right! (Yup both got ribbons!)


This quilt has been added to my Bucket List!  LOVE this quilt!!


I also love this one!  I see a theme here…hmmmm…I must subconsciously take pictures of quilts that I love! :o)


This is the VERY FIRST year that the Cowichan Fair had a Wool Work section…so of course I had to put in the Autumn Quilt…and there is Delores’ pumpkin mat…and second was Vicki’s snowman mat!  Competition is getting tough!


And here’s my snowman mat that I designed for Accuquilt (you can find the tutorial HERE) and Joan’s Robin Mat got FIRST!!  Yes, she was a VERY good student…a little too good!;O)


Sharon’s ready for fall with this beauty!!  And I love Vicki’s free motion quilting on this quilt!!


Another scrap happy quilt! P1190895 P1190896

This quilt too my breath away!!  Itty bitty log cabins make up these houses…extraordinary quilt!!


I would have loved to have seen the whole quilt!  This was by far, my personal favourite of the show!  


When we peaked inside we got a very pleasant surprise…loved it!


And this quilt is ALL hand quilted around each little log!  Lovely little itty bitty stitches!


You can find the pattern to this quilt in the book ‘Great American Quilts 1987’… See those old Quilting Books are worth their weight in gold!

This quilt was huge…and the quilter is giving to her niece!!  What a wonderful aunt!


I also loved this hexagon quilt…beautiful use of flowery prints…you know the prints that you really don’t know what to do with!


This quilt was also hand quilted…


…with itty-bitty stitches!


Well my coffee cup is empty, which must mean that yours is empty too!  Come on back tomorrow for more of the show…lots of great quilts to show you…and knitting and furniture too!!

Have a Wild Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Congratulations on your ribbons! WTG! I'm not surprised a bit though. You are so talented! Thanks for sharing! Love the inspiration! I've pulled out homespun projects that are on my blog and this is the year I'm going to finish them by gum! It helps to see how other people finish their projects so thanks!

    Cheery wave from Bev

  2. What a great fair and a wonderful quilt show, we don't have anything like that. There is one at the museum this month, maybe I will go to that one.

    Congratulations on the ribbons!


  3. Looks like your Autuum quilt got a "special" ribbon. Good for you. Your fair sure has lots of entries. Wish ours did.

  4. Congrats on your ribbons, hon, what a fantastic show - love all the scrappy quilts, and the hand quilting!!!

  5. Oh you who! I think you forgot to mention a special ribbon on Autumn - go ahead and toot your horn! You deserve it!

  6. Ha! Could have lifted some of those photos from my computer. I went to the Williams Lake Harvest Fair where we saw the sheep competition and there were rabbits in a cage and plenty of quilts.
    Love those blueberry pie oven mitts. At first I thought you actually took a photo of some pies. Had to do a double take after the second photo.

  7. Those little sheep are soooo adorable! Congrats on winning some ribbons! That quilt deserves it, you stitched it up so nicely! Love the penny mats too... i'll have to check on that tutorial when I get back home...

  8. Wow! I'm with you Paulette. That itty bitty log cabin quilt is out of this world. Thanks for sharing!