Friday, September 14, 2012

There’s a GARAGE SALE…

…over at MY PLACE and you are ALL invited!!  I have bought a ‘new’ toy and desperately need TONS of room… which means a major shake up in our house!

About a year before I retired I got into Scrapbooking…and much like quilting, one thing lead to another and before you knew it I had stamps and inks and embossing powders and all the bells and whistles!  Well that has all GOT to GO!! I need the space!

All the Embossing powders… 


…and the stamps…


…and more stamps…

P1190972 P1190973-001

…you guessed it…more STAMPS!


Yikes…was this all in that one HUGE cupboard?

P1190973Then there’s the ink pads… 


And more pads!  (this is getting embarrassing!)


And paper punches…


P1190977I still need to go through the paper and sort it and bundle it somehow…  P1190981

And pens to test and sort…and sell!


That purple thing is a heat setter…to make the embossing powder puff up…yup it’s going!!


I NEED room!!  So if you are into Scrapbooking then you NEED to hop a plane, train or automobile… and head on over…

If you aren’t into Scrapbooking, there IS a Quilting section (no I’m NOT selling the good stuff!:).  I am selling some fabric that I have ‘out grown’ and there are also tons of quilting books…and I have also cleaned out my China Cabinet…WHO uses teacups anymore??  Not me…give me a mug!  BUT if you do, then do I have a deal for YOU!  I also attacked my closet…and got THREE big garbage bags full…and now have a nice tidy closet! 

Then I attacked the garage…well let’s just say my hubby is a very happy man!

PURGING is wonderful for the soul…you should try it!  But man is having a Garage Sale EVER a lot of work!!  I would much rather be going to a GS than stuck at home having one!

Hope you are having a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting! ~P


  1. Looks like lots of fun stuff! My daughter is into a lot of altered art type stuff, and she'd go crazy over the stamps and papers!

  2. I wish I lived a lot closer, but I guess from TX is a little too far to drive for a yard sale! LOL

  3. I have just started scrapbooking and are very interested in the paper punches and some stamps :)
    But there is a long way from you to me in Norway :) And then there is the shipping. But perhaps we could work something out????
    Starting to collect some stuff to make cards. And are learning from some girls at work. Soon we are going to have a whole weekend scrapping.

  4. Sounds amazing. When are you having it and where? Have a friend that is big time into scrapbooking

  5. I have to laugh!!! Those pictures look very much like all the stuff I packed up in boxes and put in the storage space in the eaves about a year ago! I too used to scrapbook and became addicted to every new toy, paper line, embossing powders, tool, wheeled storage cart for paper, etc, etc, etc that came out. I just can't force myself to sell them at a yard sale though because DARN...all that stuff was expensive! And we all know you get nothing for them at a yard sale :-( Although I guess purging would feel pretty good and just might be worth it. Good luck!

  6. If Missy from Texas decides to drive up to your garage sale, she can stop in Oklahoma and pick me up! Sorry I'm missing that! Have fun and sell everything!

    Cheery wave from

  7. Good luck on the garage sale! I'm certain you will get lots of free space as a result. After a major sale like that, you will know why it's called "free space". Hey, I've got some mugs, if you want some!

  8. I don't scrapbook at all. I've never really caught the bug. Much to the glee of DH! I've got quilting everywhere and he's happy with that. My knitting tends to take over as well! Good luck and I hope you sell everything!

  9. I really need to do a yard sale, but I hate trying to figure it all out, lol.


  10. Good luck with the sale. Hope you gets lots of people there. Sorry I cannot come over but the 12 hour flight may be a bit much in a day!!! Susie x

  11. Wow, what a purge! Good luck at your sale, looks like you've got a lot of unused, amazing supplies there!

  12. I's more fun to go to a G-sale then to be stuck at one! But, after you purge away all these goodies, a trip to the quilt store is in order for sure! Have fun!


  13. Good luck. I hope the weather co-operates and your GS is a success. It's nice to make hubby happy every once in a while ;-)

  14. Good luck. I hope the weather co-operates and your GS is a success. It's nice to make hubby happy every once in a while ;-)

  15. If I could I would be there-I love stamps-good luck!

  16. Hope you have a very successful sale! Always nice to have more space for fabrics!

  17. Boy, would I ever love to own many of the items you showed. But, it is too far away from Texas. Let me know if you post what doesn't sell on ebay or just give a list and sell it that way. Of course I would pay for shipping.

  18. Good for you...but does that mean you will be allowed to go to anymore GS to fill up the garage? Allowed by yourself that is, seeing as how you cleaned it out!

  19. Have a good sale! Wish I could make it to scoop some of your treasures!

  20. Whoa, before you sell that embossing powder and heat gun, have you ever taken a class from Eileen O'Neill?

    I did and those were two of the tools, along with cutting your own stamps. She lives on the island if I recall and does a great class.

  21. Oh my! I have all that stuff, too! I was into scrapbooking, stamping, and card making for about 10 years before I fell in love with quilting. I've gotten rid of a bunch, but there's still quite a stash in the craft room. Time to go through and purge some more.

  22. Oh I wish I was closer... I don't scrapbook but I do make husband really appreciates them.