Friday, September 28, 2012

FMQ Resources…

If you are looking for Free Motion Quilting ideas then have I got a book for you!! Just feast your eyes on this baby~

It’s called “501 Quilting Motifs~Designs for Hand or Machine Quilting” but…


…it SHOULD be called “A MILLION Ideas On What To Do With 501 Quilting Motifs” !

Just look inside…see, there is the motif…and then tons of ideas on what you can do with that motif!

 P1200161 P1200162   P1200166

There are even simple motifs like this loop-de-loop…and then they take that simple loop-de-loop and create something that would look spectacular on any quilt!


I’m LOVIN’ this book!  It’s a must have for sure!  And look at how flat the book lays with the coil binding!!  Very well thought out! P1200154  This was a book in Hazel’s library and it’s one that I will definitely be on the look out for! 

Also…look at what else Hazel has…Pantographs!!  She is going be quilting these ballet slippers onto her next quilt!  CUTE!


When she bought her machine and frame, the quilter generously threw in all of her pantographs!  Lucky Hazel!


Three tubs worth!!  SCORE for Hazel!


I thought using a lazor light and pantograph would be easy but that’s not so!!  It is difficult…similar to driving a remote control car through a tiny maze.  YIKES!  CRASH!  Like FMQ it will take practice.. LOTS and LOTS of practice!

Well that’s it for another week…gosh, they really are flying by!  And what’s with September?  It’s almost GONE too!!  I thought once you retired life would slow down…but it seems to have sped up!  Got to make hay while you still can!  That’s my motto and I’m sticking with it! 

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting…and don’t forget to make hay!~P


  1. What a beautiful looking book! I am always stuck when it comes to deciding how to quilt my pieces but this one looks like it would have lots of great ideas in it. I don't FMQ (yet) but the designs look like they could easily be used for traditional hand quilting. Thanks. Gotta run out and buy it as I've got one that the gals at the church are itching to quilt and I don't have it marked yet.

  2. I have trouble doing things that require backwards thinking, lol. I do like the idea, but I am sure it takes some practice to get into the motion and directions.

    How does she run on the tracks, does it move smoothly and easily or do you have to push/pull it.


  3. FYI, If you can wait until you fly the coop, Joann's has this book and you know what else she has - coupons! That's where I got mine! Love it.

  4. I have a question for, I need to quilt my mom's quilt next week. I did half Dresden plates and half Dresden butterflies. I've only done straight line and in the ditch before. I was thinking of doing loop de loops on the butterfly blocks to make it look like they are flying. I have all the quilting feet and the darning foot for my machine, but I have no idea which to use. I was also going to do outline and echo? on the plates. Any suggestions?

  5. Looks like an awesome book! I am a freakish collector of quilting designs! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave!

  6. Are there numbers for where to start and end? How do you get the design to the quilt?

  7. Are you going to make room for that quilting machine in the 5th wheel??:))

    I rent out my longarm on occasion and that's the first thing people say, "I want to do a pantograph, that should be easy." Until they try it!

  8. What a great book! You know what I had the hardest time quilting was a simple pantograph heart...i never did master that!

  9. The book does look wonderful...but so does that tub of pantographs! So much to little time, giggle! Enjoy playing with your new machine!

  10. The more loops etc. in a pantograph the better it is for a first timer. You can hide your "oops" easier. The very simple heart shows every wobble! Good luck!

  11. That looks like a great book - I do get tired of hand quilting just straight lines on quilts, lol. But then I remember my aunt's quilt, she cross-stitched it and I hand quilted it with feathers all over. YIKES.

  12. This summer certainly has gone by fast. Being retired is weird, used to watch the clock, but now have to watch the calendar, instead!

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