Sunday, September 9, 2012

Heritage Happenings…

My camera card was full of lovely quilts taken at the Heritage Guild Mondays Stitching …Unfortunately my camera is an inexpensive  Lumix by Panasonic.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my camera!  It’s small and sturdy, I can toss it into my purse and not worry about it… and it takes wonderful still pictures but actions shots…not so great!  More than half of the quilts on my card were blurry! :o(  I take the pictures when the quilts are being shown to the audience.  They are being whipped this way and that…I focus and then whip…the quilt is moved to the other side of the hall…resulting in a blurry pic!  I have got to get a better system!  Too bad, as there were some REAL beauties…

So let me show you what turned out…

Well what sort of turned out…

P1190836(I’m late this morning…so I have to make this quick!!  Will show and not tell…)   You are on your own to Ohhhh and Awwwww!P1180966 P1180967 P1180968 P1180970 P1180971 P1180972 P1190109 P1190118 P1190324 P1190326 P1190399  P1190646 P1190648 


 P1190830 P1190832 P1190835

This quilt is getting basted ready for hand quilting….P1180955

Love this quilt…it’s on my Bucket List!


And this is the Block of the Month!  Carol just threw these blocks down on a table so that we could see what had been collected so far.  If you want a chance to win all of these blocks all you have to do is make one out of black and white fabric and your name gets put into the drawing.  It’s visually stunning, isn’t it!


OK…I’m off and running!!  Today I am ‘White Gloving It’ (lah-de-dah) at the Cowichan Exhibition!  My camera is charged and empty and I have got to fill up that card again!  Those quilts better be hanging nice and still…:o)

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I hear something wonderful is coming to your house!!! Did it come with a machine, too??

  2. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    Cheery wave from

  3. Lots of eye candy! I'm in love with Mr. Cardinal.

  4. Lots of wonderful quilts, always enjoy seeing shows and quilts from other places.


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  6. Yum yum - love all the eye candy!!!!! Can't wait to see what you fill your camera card up with next!

  7. Beautiful quilts- thanks for sharing!! I absolutely love your old ironing board and for just $2!! You did great!!:)

  8. I think the one that is getting basted is my favorite... great way to use up scraps but with a neater scrappy look!