Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thank you, NUTMEG HARE!!

Good morning!  I’m feeling chipper with the Garage Sale behind us and close to $600 in our pockets!  Our final tally was $554…until I was cleaning up and discovered $30 in my jacket pocket..pushing the grand total to $584!! I am amazed!  Not bad considering all the stuff that we sold was pretty much a buck or two…but I guess those bucks add up!


Remember my comment about Early Birds…well this picture was taken well before 8am…our GS started at 9!!  Got to love ‘em!

So I am hoping life will go back to normal…no more cleaning, sorting, pricing…and I can get back into my sewing room!  Having a Garage Sale is a lot of work!  But the important thing is now the spare bedroom is empty enough for the quilting frame… which will hopefully go up later this week!! Happy Dance!!


You know me, I am always singing NUTMEG HARE’s praise…but ONLY because, well frankly.. they DESERVE the praise and recognition! Trudy, the brains behind Nutmeg Hare,  designs the sweetest, most well written patterns EVER and they are affordable…none of these monthly payment plans for her patterns!  Anyway…the last time I wrote about Nutmeg Hare was HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE…geeze.. I REALLY MUST love Nutmeg Hare!! haha

Not only does Trudy from Nutmeg Hare design gorgeous patterns but she is a wonderfully nice person too…and VERY generous!  Look at what she sent me as a thank you…

This is one of Nutmeg Hare’s newest designs…and dang cute too, I might add!!


And Trudy is a packaging genius…because look at what she pins onto her business card…a needle, threaded with the loveliest blue thread and a piece of her famously soft, luxurious wool…perfect for the snowmen!  I saw that wool and needle and wanted to drop EVERYTHING to begin this project!!  NOW isn’t that clever!


THANK YOU SEW MUCH, NUTMEG HARE!!  Trudy this was VERY thoughtful of you and unexpected…and I appreciate it A LOT!

If you haven’t been to Nutmeg Hare’s On'-line Shop then you are missing out…BIG TIME!!  You will find incredible patterns, kits, WOOL and MORE!!  HOP on over! (get it…)

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. I love to go to garage sales but I don't do them, you had a great one! I cleaned out last month and gave it to Helping Hands. Here in Salem they will have a quilt show in Oct. and garage sale too for them. Sally

  2. I never have enough stuff for garage sales, but the money you made certainly makes one took a long time to price and set up for the results which is amazing! All that money!

  3. I am glad you did well, maybe a down payment on a long arm, lol. What a wonderful gift and gesture, that is a fun pattern.


  4. Nice haul! I love Nutmeg Hare too - just got an order from them the other day!

  5. Wow! Strong work cleaning out for your new machine....which you will no doubt love :-) I have a ton of rubber stamps acquired BQ (before quilting). I still try to use them some but rarely. Enjoy your new space and machine! Now I'm off to check out Nutmeg Hare. I love the projects you have done with their designs.

  6. That is a cute design.....great going with the garage sale!

  7. You did a great job at your garage sale. Not sure if you spotted it, but there is a Fall De-Stash sale that starts 9/21 on Fingertip Shopping ( Great way to de-stash items you may have in your sewing room and no longer want to take up space.


  8. Garage sales are SO MUCH WORK!!!
    But you did fabulous!! Congrats!! Love your newest project!