Monday, September 3, 2012

I’m Staying Focused!

Well after showing you some CRUMBS of Button Town yesterday, I was hoping to give you the full meal today but alas…the bread needs to brown just a little more! (in other words…I am still stitching…just need to sew on the BUTTONS and do a bit more hand quilting!)

Lately we have been talking a lot about all the FREE STUFF on the Internet…(Thank you PINTEREST!)  Over at The Noble Wife I stumbled onto some dang sweet FREE Stitcheries…and they are VERY appropriate for this time of year!

~ Pumpkin Bouquet ~

~ Pumpki w/ Tag & Bird ~ Free Pattern....

To see the rest of this sweet snowman you are going to have to go over and have a chat with The Noble Wife!


Also RUSH over to Life Is a Stitch Blog…as there is a wonderful and detailed tutorial on how to make this beauty… out of old men’s shirts!

She makes it look SEW easy! 

Have you got time to start a new BOW called Grandmother’s Choice…compliments of Barbara Brackman!   The blocks are VERY nice and of course, all have a historical story behind them! 

                         Grandmother's Choice<br>Block of the Week

And because Gay (Sentimental Stitches)is so nice she is going to be giving away her own BOW blocks that could be used to supplement Barbara’s blocks (they are the same size) …just in case you might want to add a block or two of appliqué!  How sweet and very generous of her as she normally sells these appliqué patterns in her online shop!  OR you could just make her appliquéd quilt…called ‘Sally Post Floral Sampler’!  She’s a beauty!

Now you know why Button Town still isn’t finished!!  I tell you, you go into Pinterest for a couple of minutes and an hour flashes by!!  NO Pinterst today!!  Buttons ON…Buttons ON…stay focused!!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Thanks, Sweet P! Or should I say "thanks a lot" (in a sarcastic tone). More things to add to my bucket list. Now you know why (insert project name here) isn't finished!!

  2. Yep, I have to agree with Shakerwood! I'll never get finished...I'm too old...I still have to work full time! All my sewing calls to me while I write about maternity clothes and mens' socks! Okay, enough self pity...seriously, you are so great about finding new, fun projects. Thanks for sharing! Have a happy holiday! xo

    Cheery wave from Bev

  3. Can you say 'enabler' - that's YOU. LOL

    Hey, I stitched that cute snowman from Noble Wife last year. I did it in redwork and it's stickin' cute.

  4. love those embroidery patterns-too sweet-I may have to snag those- thanks for sharing

  5. You got me again! Now I must make the shirt quilt, and my list is sooo long already.

  6. Nice work P and good luck with staying away from PINTEREST.

  7. You are the best Paulette!!:) Always sharing your patterns, giveaways, info, etc.-not to mention your beautiful pictures!:) Sure do appreciate it!! Can't wait to see your finished project! I know- Pinterest can get a person in trouble!:)

  8. I love her stitcheries and she has a new one coming out.


  9. I like the first pumpkin stitchery and the quilt made from shirts! So many creative people out there keeping us so busy! I did not finish my stitching yesterday either... I went into baking mode and made some pumpkin oatmeal cookies! :-)