Tuesday, February 16, 2016

All in Good Time...

Yesterday turned out to be a torrential Monday...it rained like there was no tomorrow!  What's a girl to do but stay in her Sewing Room and weather the storm!

First I needed to tidy up the mess from that little red, brown and beige table mat!  I had strips of fabric hanging from the rafters!  There were tons of  left-over 1 1/2" strips left from making the piano key border.  What to do with them?  Before I could shove them into a bag and 'forget-about-em', I had this Cheri pattern out and started sewing...It's called 'Log Cabin Christmas' and it's been calling my name!
 Some of the middle strips needed to be cut narrower but that was easy to do!
 Then I remembered THIS FRAME!  Eureka!  With the addition of one more dark strip it fit perfectly!  Loved it!  But I want this frame up all year...and with the holly leaves in the pattern it is just too Christmasy...so I need to tweak the motif.
Yup...that's the job for TODAY!  I will keep you posted...

However...there is nothing but BLUE SKIES today...not a cloud in sight and the sunshine looks glorious!  The pup needs grooming and I NEED a long walk...a really long walk....I might have to finish this off tomorrow....:o))  All in good time...right?

Have a Terrific Tuesday and Happy Stitching!_P


  1. Interested to see what you will do to the motif. It is gonna look fantastic in that frame!

  2. Rainy days and Mondays... always make me sew!

  3. That looks great in the frame, I love finding old frames to decorate with, need to go through mine to see what I have.


  4. Love the scale of your sweet framed log cabin - so fond of that classic block! You have a perfect frame for it!

  5. We design itself had a wet coast day yesterday Paulette, a perfect day to recover from a busy workshop weekend. I just vegged out til yet he evening and then did a bit of stitching.

    Loving the blue skies today. Reminds of the sky fabric I used on my weekend piece.

  6. That rain was just getting to be too much. Thankfully it's sunny and a good day to do anything (like buying a new fridge). I love this pattern, in fact, I ordered it yesterday. Your block looks great framed, no tweaking required. I say hang it as is.

  7. Looks great so far....can't wait for the finish!

  8. this has worked so well like you I save my scraps have just made a doll quilt with them. The frame works so well with it

  9. The frame is Cheri's style for sure. Goes well with your Cheri small quilt.