Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Who Needs a Ground Hog?...

I saw my shadow yesterday, so you KNOW what that means...6 more weeks of locking myself into my sewing room!  Yeehaw!
My Home for the Holidays blocks are like ground hogs...they have multiplied like crazy!!  Twelve blocks down, with only ONE more of these blocks to go... and then I can start putting this top together!

Not a great job by any means... but this Magic Sizing spray sure makes the fabric behave and lay flat... and makes everything LOOK so much straighter and crisper!  Kind of like Spanx for fabric!  Suck in all those bumps and lumps! ;o)) Sandy and I found this Magic Sizing at the Walmart in Palm Desert for only 99 cent a can!  We each bought three cans of hindsight, we should have bought a truck load as we are both on our last can!  Yikes! I wonder if we can find it here in Canada?  Our fingers are crossed!

So the ground hog and I are doing a happy dance!  With any luck I can finish off the blocks, square them up and sew them together!

So...I have to hang out in this dump for 6 more weeks?...with the sound of THAT machine humming...and with fabric flying!  Geeze Louise, I need a raise...or at least ear plugs!  Can someone bring me a coffee?  

I didn't make it to Heritage this week but never fear, members sent me pictures!

Check out Delores' I SPY quilt made for her grand-daughter, Poppy!

 Her wee Poppy is going to love looking for her and mommy's pictures, hidden among the other objects! Oh...I spy Grandma!!  And two Aunties!  A child can learn so much from an I SPY quilt...colours, numbers, recognition of people and objects...and later the sounds of letters, rhyming words, synonyms, opposites ...and the list goes on.  Language skills can be built and added to with each passing year.  Yup, every kid needs an I SPY QUILT!

 And here's another Grandma's labour of love!  This is going to Camryn from her Grandma Sandusky!
Such a sweet print for Grandma's little princess!

 This is a charity quilt which Sunny is donating to the SPCA to help raise money!  Isn't it adorable!
 I can see some dog lover snapping up this sweet quilt!

So that's it...there ain't no more!!  That's all that I have for you today!  Hope you liked...:o) ...and thanks for dropping by!

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Great job on the blocks. ..I looking forward to seeing the finish.

  2. Great job on the blocks. ..I looking forward to seeing the finish.

  3. the quilts are so cute! and I am totally green that you are so far ahead on your Christmas Gathering!!!

  4. I just love those blocks Paulette. They alone would make a beautiful quilt.

  5. Love your red and green blocks!

  6. The red & green blocks are gorgeous! Now about ground hog predictions...Punxsutawney Phil (PA "official" Whistle Pig) predicted early spring;however, our local Grover the Groundhog saw his shadow so I can hunker in and quilt for the next 6 weeks.Yay! Let it snow, Let it snow, I can Sew! : )))

  7. You're so close is getting those blocks done and quilt top together. I love your comparison to spanx and sizing.:0) anything to hide the lumps and bumps.

  8. You are almost finished with those blocks! Yay! Love the I spy quilt with photos! Cute groundhog caption too!

  9. Paulette, did you spray all your fabric before cutting?

  10. That is a beautiful quilt and it is going to be gorgeous. Fun quilt show, I do want to make some memory pieces, now if i can just get my tension right, I might actually get to quilt.


  11. what a wonderful quilt you are goin. Have not tried starch but from what you say it works so very well, shame Asda that is owned by woolmart here in the UK do not sell the same things as in the US. Nice selection of show and tell too