Thursday, February 4, 2016

'The Snowman Quilt' by Cheri...and gang!

My friend, Claire, has taken the 'Finish It Up February' Challenge to heart and has completed her 'Snowman Quilt'...a Cheri Payne Design!  LOVE this little 24" X 24" tabletopper/wall hanging!  

Claire put her own spin on this quilt and changed it up a wee bit.  She chose to put the stars in the sky rather on the trees.  A small little change like that, makes this quilt more of a 'Winter' Quilt and less of a Christmas Quilt.  Now she can keep it out for several months rather than just for Christmas!  I like that...more bang for your quilt!  She also added snowman eyes, buttons etc.  
Also the pattern picture showed that there was an inner border but there was no mention of the border in the directions.  Sooo...Claire cut her's 1 1/4" wide so that it finishes at about 3/4".
You might remember that Glynis also made this mat...and her's looked totally different!  It's all in the fabric choice!  You can check out Glynis' version HERE!  Anne from "Cotton 'n Wool  Blog and her friend, Sandy also made their own versions of this quilt...which you can SEE HERE!!  One things for matter what your fabric choice, they all turned out dang stinking CUTE!  It's also fun to see how everyone quilted theirs!

This is one wee quilt that just got bumped to the top of the heap for me!  It's just too darn cute not to go ahead of the pack!!  Speaking of pack...geeze-louise it's hard to keep up with these prolific and wonderful quilters...but I will do my VERY best to try!  :o)

You can order your own Snowman Pattern HERE . Come on, you know you wanna!  But be's hard to order just one of Cheri's patterns!  They are all so darn SWEET!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. By the time spring comes you are going to have all your UFO's finished--??

  2. are such an enabler...each time I read your blog my "wish list" grows! I love each and every version of this sweet snowman quilt! Keep up the inspiration!

  3. Welcome to Finish It Up February Claire! You're right on track!
    I'll be posting my progress tomorrow!

  4. That is a really fun quilt and fun fabric choices.


  5. Dang, that turned out really cute !

  6. I really like this little quilt......might have to make it too.....and I think you're doing really well with your finishes.... Janet.... A blog fan from Kingston ON.....we have Sun and 8 degrees today......:D

  7. Cheri has a new friendship Facebook group. Have you joined?

  8. Looks soo cute! A lovely finish!