Saturday, February 20, 2016

Heritage Happenings....

I'm late this morning...I didn't sleep in... just feeling sluggish!  I think I need another cup'a coffee because you CAN'T feel sluggish on a Saturday!  

Don't you love Saturdays?  I always try to plan something fun to do on a Saturday, just to make it MORE special than it really is...because when you are retired EVERYDAY is Saturday!  I know, I know...we retirees have it tough!:o)))

I am behind on my Heritage Happenings pictures...I won't give you a running commentary because I usually screw up...and then hear about it on Monday!  Thank goodness quilters are forgiving!

So without further adieu...

This was the sweetest quilt top going off to be quilted!  I don't know the name of the pattern but I did hear that the quilter bought the kit at Hamel's (online store).  Made in the softest flannels!  (Sorry about the angle...but we were sandwiched against a wall.)

 Sandy was busy stitching this FREE BOM from Farmhouse Threads BOM!  Beautiful!
 Love the story behind this Scotty Quilt...the quilter is giving it to a neighbour who always walks his Scotty dog by her house!  Isn't that lovely!!  Can't you just imagine the look of surprise and JOY on the man's face upon receiving this beauty!


Just in time for Valentine's Day!  So sweet!
Michelle was working on her blocks for a quilt for her son!  Very masculine...

I loved this quilt!  Such lovely browns and greys!
Just Judy was working on this wool mat!  I have already shown you the finished mat but it's SEW worth a re-visit!

 I think these were Joan's...see this is where I get into trouble!  Anyway...she was going to a Chinese New Year's Luncheon...and she made these to gift to all those attending!

Quilters are the most generous of people!  She even put a sticky on each of the placemat to show what the Chinese symbols are saying...(each placemat was different!)


Betty continues to crank them out...and they are ALL for charity!  Betty is AMAZING!!

You can always tell it's Betty's masterpiece because it's always a gorgeous scrap-happy quilt and it's always beautifully done!


When you compliment Betty on her quilts, she is always quick to point out that they consist of two blocks...and she is right!  Can you see the two blocks?


Yup...all of those quilts were made by Betty...and here she is hiding behind her latest creation!  Plus, I can't forget to mention that ALL of  these quilts were beautifully quilted by Hazel!  Between these two women we keep our hospital and other various charities stocked with lovely quilts!  They both deserve a standing ovation!  BRAVO, ladies!!

(Can you see the two blocks in this one?  Amazing, isn't it!!)

 The rest of the quilts are also Charity quilts!  Yes, Heritage donates hundreds of quilts to various causes throughout the year!

 I had to show you the wee sheep that Hazel quilted on this quilt...

 Can you see it now?  C*U*T*E!

 I said I wasn't going to do a running commentary...and then I go and shoot off my big mouth!  Geeze...sure hope I didn't put my foot into it...again!!

Have a SUPER Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. The snowman quilt you show is my most favorite this time. Cute as can be.

  2. That snowman quilt is adorable and I love the scotty quilt and the story behind it, would love to see his reaction;)


  3. Truly, quilters are very generous people. Your group really exemplifies that.

  4. so many true delights here and so good to see the hospital will benefit from these.Betty has been very busy such a variety she has made

  5. Lovely quilts! The snowman and Scotty dogs are my favorites!