Friday, February 12, 2016

Finishing it Off Friday...

Nancie Anne, my partner in crime for our F-abulous Finishes on Friday, gave me some good advice after our last weeks Sharing...She said to take some time off before F-inding F-orgotten treasures to work on!  Well... it turned out that's EXACTLY what I did!  Hubby and I baby-sat for two days and then the SUN shone...and I found myself outside raking and tidying up the felt so good to be outside!  Oh, and then I was off to Nanaimo with the Woolies!  All F-un and F-rolics makes for no F-inishes!

Yahoo...the rain is back, so bring on those F-orgotten Treasures!

These blocks REALLY were forgotten...Random leftovers...

I found this package of F-ive F-ab blocks...
 And this sheet of baskets and flowers (from a Free Primitive Gathering BOM...which didn't get done) The baskets had been traced onto Heat N Bond lite YEARS AGO...I was shocked that it hadn't disintegrated!!  I pulled some wool...and ironed it on...

 Before long...I had the baskets ready for stitching...I still have one more block to stitch and then will embroider the stems and add the leaves. This is as far as I got for this week...
 I also found five of these scrappy blocks...they didn't make the cut from the project that I made years ago...but they were too pretty to toss...
I envisioned a red/brown and beige table I turned to my Block Fab App on my iPad...(geeze...I should have cleaned the screen of my iPad...and then stop eating while I am on it!! haha)
 I decided to add some 'Broken Dishes' blocks to the mix...

I punched in the size and presto...I was away!  I love this app as there is no math or guess work involved.
 Clear instructions on how to make the block.

 I made four of them...
 I added a border...but it still needed something else... a piano border was added.  Much better! Now she is done!

 It's all ready to near to a F-inish but not this week!

I did finish hand stitching another block to the 'Where the Cows Com Home' Quilt...a Cottage at Cardiff Farms design!  Slow but surely, I will get there! I love these barns!

My wee house quilt has been quilted and trimmed.

 This is such a busy quilt that it just needed simple quilting so it got an all over meander which doesn't show up except in the lighter blocks.

 I want to do some BIG stitch hand quilting in the star border...and found this border print-out in Picasso to use as inspiration.
 I'm not sure what valdani thread I will use but the quilt has been marked and it's ready to go. I will play with the threads and see which one works best!

 I used this simple fabric for's a mottled, blue striped moda fabric.

 So although I am near to a few F-inishes nothing got completed this week!

Just Judy just sent me her Friday Finish and it is F-abulous!!!  Check out her F-un Woolie table mat which I believe is a Primitive Gathering pattern...
Absolutely F-antastic!!  Well done, Just Judy!

Now we need to hurry over to Nancie's to see her F-abulous F-inshes!  Last week she completed TWO wonderful quilts...complete with gorgeous quilting and both were bound!!  The woman is a marvel!  You will find Nancie Anne's Quilts Blog HERE!

I hope you have some F-antastic F-inishes this F-un F-riday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. OMG Paulette you're a whirlwind. Love your imagination with the blocks. I've finished my black wool scalloped table mat. Hooray for Fab Fri Finishes!

  2. Well, you may not have any finishes, but you have certainly accomplished a lot--so many fun and cute projects!

  3. You are a marvel Paulette! Your "almost" finishes are fabulous...well done. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy your blog? Always inspired by your creativity!

  4. Boy, you're taking this F-inishing thing seriously! Great projects all and wonderful inspiration for a few red & white HSTs I've got along with a scrappy basket quilt that needs to have the next step figured out. And I LOVE that app - amazing - I'll have to look for it. Thank you!

  5. I need some of your energy, lol.
    Love how you did the blocks with the baskets, that is beautiful , as well as all your pieces.


  6. Oh you pat me on the head far too much! Those quilts were already just a whisker from done! YOU are the marvel! I love what you did with all those sweet blocks and all that applique! Love your little printed quilting inspiration. So cute! Gotta check out that app too! I'm giggling! I purchased the mat pattern that Just Judy completed when we were at Winter Carnival a couple of weeks ago! Love Love LOVE!

  7. Your projects are all so darn pretty! Love the quilt you made with the stars and broken dishes blocks. Beautiful result!

  8. Your random leftovers are going to produce two gorgeous quilts. And your wee houses quilt is so cute. Great backing and quilting. Wish I had your energy, I still haven't finished anything. Started a couple of new projects though, but I guess that's not the idea of Finishing it off Friday

  9. You accomplished a lot in a week! Beautiful table topper! Those wee sheep in the barn block are adorable! Thanks for sharing the quilt block app too!

  10. So much fantastic inspiration in this post! Love the baskets and the setting you used for the star blocks. Fabulous indeed!

  11. Great progress made on so many projects! Love the fact that you have given new life to those orphan blocks. I have not thought to look for a block app but I will be now I know I dont have to try to work out the math myself, thank you!

  12. Your finish off Friday is fabulous. Finishes or not you followed through and had fun besides.

  13. Love the broken dishes and star block quilt with piano dashing......very nice! Wee houses quilt looks the backing you chose......

  14. Oh, my goodness, you have been churning things out, finished or not! So much to love here. The serendipity of that first little quilt is delightful!

  15. some lovely shares here today you have been very busy. Loving the house quilt a real beauty and the blocks are all looking good. Went to check out your block fab app but seems they do not do it for tablets maybe I need an ipad in my dreams

  16. Love the star quilt with the piano border! That block app makes me want to get a smart phone! lol!

  17. You are the energizer bunny of quilting this week! You accomplished so much and all your projects are gorgeous! I downloaded that app to check it out.