Thursday, January 7, 2016

Renditions in in WOOL!

Yesterday my friend, Claire, swung by my house and literally packed me into her car...It was full of potential Woolies from Victoria!  Yup, I was happy to get the last seat!  We had heard a rumour that there was a lady selling wool up Chemainus way (an hour North of Victoria or about 30 minutes South of Nanaimo) ...and we were on the hunt!!
We followed the lovely signs...

 ...which led us to this wonderful house in the woods!
A wool God's Eyes mobile and a wool hanging greeted us on the front porch... a good sign that we were at the right place!
Meet Val...the wool crazy lady behind 'Renditions in Rags'...her wool shop and studio!  Such a character...and her love of wool shines through that smile and those twinkling eyes!  Like the rest of us, she is HOOKED!
Her studio/shop is located at the front of her house and it is full of her lovely creations...rugs like this scattered throughout the house!

 And there were even a few on the walls for SALE!

Val is predominately a wool hooker...selling supplies for the many classes that she teaches!

There were three huge baskets of Wool Candy...rolls of wool scraps for 50 cents each!  YUM!

Quarter cuts...all neatly stacked for $6!
 Packages of wonderful colours all in arrays...for $6!  (I wish I had taken a better picture of them!)

My angle shot of the one yard cuts of wool was too blurry to show:o((...but she sells them for $18 each!  Great prices!  I guess I will HAVE to go back for a better shot...:o)))

Val uses this wee Featherweight to sew together her braids....

She even gave us a quick demo...I ,of course, put my fingers in my ears and said "Lalalalalalalalal..."  I do NOT need another hobby!
 Lots of lovely barn wood frames were hanging...there is a man in Cowichan Bay who sells Barn Wood Frames and Furniture!  (I ride my bike right by his house so I KNEW exactly who she was talking about!!)  I'm thinking another field trip is in order...

 This is one of Val's beautiful creations of the Old Stone Church...a local historical site in our area!

Lots of mats were for sale...

 This was my favourite...

 BUT LOOK...don't you love it!!...This seems to be Val's weakness....Rolling Pins...and aren't they WONDERFUL!!  Her rolling pins seem to have multiplied into a PERFECT collection!  I wanted to go out and look and "awe and oooh" each and every one of them!  I could quite easily become a RP Collector/Hoarder too!
 And of course, talking about's my loot!  I would say 'we' had a VERY successful trip...
 Followed by coffee in downtown Chemainus...the little town that thought it could...and did!

If you live on Vancouver Island (and even if you don't...:o) and want to visit Val, here is her shop schedule...Her shop is guaranteed to be open EVERY Tuesday...and most Fridays and Sundays.  If you are in the area (and it's not a Tuesday) and want to pop in, then give her a phone call...which is what we did! (Her # is on the brochure.)

 Val doesn't have a website BUT she does have a facebook page...called renditionsinrags.  I am off for a visit!

As you can probably tell, we were all THRILLED with Val's Shop and will be back!  Finally, we have a Wool Shop of our very own!!...Yippee!  Thanks VAL for a lovely Woolie visit!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Looks like a lovely field trip Paulettr and some lovely purchases. Love the greens and yellow and that brown stripe looks interesting!

  2. Lovely start to my day! Thank you Paulette.It was wonderful meeting all of you! Anytime!

  3. Well you certainly had a great field trip! Seems like an interesting lady. And of course, you managed to bring home lots of goodies!

  4. Jeepers, Paulette.... I am thinking we might have to move to the island... Grandbabies, wool and quilt stores ..hmmmm.

  5. What a fun hunt and delightful find. You left with some great pieces and I'm sure you're searching now for your first rolling pin!

  6. That Claire. She knows all the good stuff!

  7. Wow! That is a great find and your goodies are total eye candy. When are you going again? :0)

  8. Lucky you, a wool shop within driving distance. Are you sure with all the eye candy that you don't want to learn to hook!! You'd love it.

  9. what a wonderful place to browse in

  10. Now that is a fun day out with the girls!!!!

  11. Yahoooo a wooly store in your neck of the woods and it looks like a very nice one. Your purchases look wonderful but hey have you ever met a piece of wool you didn't like lol. What a great day spent with wooly friends. Hugs..Karen