Friday, January 22, 2016

Oh, the People You Meet...

...Make that the TALENTED people you meet while at Heritage Quilt Guild!  Look at what Jenny brought for Sharing...wee, itty-bitty babies made out of know, the clay that you bake!  Yup, Jenny has another hobby besides creating gorgeous hand-quilted Quilts...she bakes babies!

Look...they fit into the palm of your hand...

 ...the size of a finger and they are SO life-like it's crazy!  PUT THAT FLY SWATTER DOWN!
 Jenny uses animal fur for the babies' hair...and even makes toys to keep her babies happy...
 And of course provides them with hand stitched blankets....
How sweet are these?!  Yes, Jenny gives a whole new meaning to 'having one in the oven'!
Thanks for sharing, Jenny!  Absolutely incredible!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Stitching/Baking!~P


  1. OMG! Incredible! Not enough hours in the day.......

  2. They are exquisite! It just amazes me how Jenny does it.

  3. Your friend is very accomplished, thanks for sharing the photos.

  4. so impressed with these little babies

  5. Baking babies must be easier than carrying them around in your abdomen for nine months and going through labor and delivery! Creative use of Fimo. I have never tried working with that product.