Sunday, January 10, 2016


I need to correct yesterday's post and correct it fast!  That sweet little zippered pouch that I showed yesterday, was ACTUALLY part of Sandy's BIG win from Amy Creative Side (Amy Ellis) and not a Heritage member's project!  Man, it's hard to keep everything straight when you're old and decrepit and not the sharpest needle in the pincushion!

So here's the deal...Sandy, who usually wears horseshoes around her neck, wins everything out in blogland!  Seriously...every week she brings in something for show and tell...things that she has WON!  Last summer she won the Mother of All Wins...over $500 worth of merchandise...a whole tub load of great stuff (the tub came with it!)!  Last Monday she spread out her loot for us all to "ohhhh and ahhhh" and of course we did...because frankly it WAS a great win!!  Check it out..

Just look at all of the fabulous the top is the hand made zippered pouch!  There was even a 100 Blocks Magazine that I didn't get a shot of...(someone was busy looking through it...:o)

Amy even made her the cutest covered button necklace...that looked wonderful with Sandy's sweater!
And because I like to see how things are is the back....  Cool hey!
Yes, Sandy, you are pretty lucky!  You keep winning and I'll keep blogging about it...just don't expect me to get it right!  I am old, ya'know...very, very old!  Oh're OLDER!! hahahahaheeheeeheee

Speaking of LUCKY, Sandy's not the only one who is lucky...check out what I found in the Church Thrift Shop on Friday...

This sweet vintage accordion fold out sewing cabinet...

 I have wanted one for a long time...but the ones that I have found were wobbly and pricey...both of which I did not want!  I want sturdy because I want to use it! I was surprised that this one was neither! wobbles and it's sturdy...and it was cheap!
 Here's my helicopter shot...holding my perle cotton!  I now feel SEW organized!
And another aerial shot...the PRICE!

                       "SCORE!!" (followed by a happy dance!  

(Sandy is scoffing...she will be calling this her mother's junk!  Well I say, come to me...mama!!)

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Your friend, Sandy, is one lucky gal! But, that is the coolest sewing cabinet that I have ever seen! Good for you to find such a treasure! Enjoy! :)

  2. I've been looking for one of those sewing cabinets too but no luck yet, great find.

  3. I haven't been entering as much as I used to and I do know, the more you enter things, the more chances you have to win. I still have lots of goodies to use, that is the bad thing with too much at once, lol. Great find and nice for storing threads.


  4. Winner winner, chicken dinner! I think some of Sandy's good luck rubbed off on you, getting that lovely sewing box.

  5. I know when you title your post "Score" you've found something excellent. And you did!

  6. That is an amazing score, I just love it.

  7. Your posts often bring a smile to my face and this one was no exception. I didn't get a chance to read it until now...guess God knew I'd need it later rather than earlier. Great "score" and use of it.

  8. Well, I'd say you had better start wearing horseshoes! That was a super find. Good for you!

  9. I love your sewing box! Definitely a big score.

  10. Four dollars!! YES SCORE!! How how fun to have it filled with all your perle cotton!!