Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Coffee at Sandy's...

The other day I popped in at Sandy's for coffee! Now if you remember, Sandy has only been quilting for a few years...maybe three tops! I was in awe when I saw what she has accomplished in so little time!!  It was a wonderful surprise to see all of her Winter quilts and table toppers out!  She had just put away 'Christmas' but left out the Winter...

Let's start with this wee Snow Mat (which was a FREE pattern from the 'Home For the Holidays' Blog Hop from many years ago).  This was Sandy's first wool project....and I still remember how painful it was...! :o)  Painful for me (the teacher) but apparently Sandy loved it because this first project eventually lead her to this...
...Norma Whaley's 'In the Meadow We Can Build a Snowman' which is a HUGE undertaking!  We are talking a DDG wool on flannel quilt...and Sandy completed it in record time!

 Sandy machine quilted this on her domestic machine and did an awesome job!
 Amazing or what?!!
 Yup, Sandy is now hooked on quilting and all things WOOL!
 This is a Primitive Gathering Pattern called 'Be the Good'...isn't it sweet and love the hanger!
 I also love this's small... with itty-bitty pieces!  Sandy's 'Dress Me Up Frosty' is wonderful!

All over her living room are woolie and quilty much to look at!

 And a close-up of her from woolie friends!
 I forgot about Sandy working on this one during her Heritage Mondays!  Aren't they cute and fun to having hanging on the wall...looking in at YOU! (I swear those eyes are following me...)

Woolie goodness all over the place...and I didn't even SEE that stack of quilts to the left!  Sheesh!

 I did see this little quilt...on My To Do List...'Over the Hills'...LOVE this quilt and Sandy did a perfect job!
 This is what Sandy is currently working on...the Free Blocks from Farmhouse Mystery Christmas Blog Hop...another Christmas Quilt to add to her growing collection!
 Oh and this was on the TV cabinet!  Snow sweet!

Sandy is obviously having fun finally getting to display all of her wonderful Winter projects...the ones that have been kept under wraps because normally her and her hubby would be busy Snowbirding!  See... there is a positive side to staying home for the winter!  That and being able to go into your sewing room whenever the mood hits you...which in Sandy's case, looks like it happens A LOT!

Thanks for sharing Sandy!  We enjoyed ever single one of your creations, didn't WE?!

We hope you have a wild WOOLY Wednesday too...and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Oh have a Sandy too??!!!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous collection! Can you tell me about the 'Over the Hills' pattern~ that looks like one I would love to do!

    1. Hi Sandie - Just ordered this pattern from Farmhouse Threads website. It's called "Over the River and through the Woods" and I sure wish they had it as a kit!

  3. Sandy is definitely a woolie. Her projects are wonderful. Thanks for sharing her delightful collection.

  4. Oh yes! Please tell us about the Over the Hills pattern - it's so darling! I'd say your friend is well and truly hooked ;) Thanks for sharing her projects with us!

  5. Lovely to see all of Sandy's woollies, and isn't she lucky to have the space to display everything. I'd love to see her sewing room.

  6. I have made the snowman wool mat and In the Meadow. What a productive quilter Sandy has become. She is a quilter that I could enjoy spending time with.

  7. Yep, I did enjoy seeing all her beauties.