Monday, January 4, 2016

A Little of THIS and a Lot of THAT!

Well, the Christmas crap has been put away...haha...When you put it out, it's your Christmas Treasures but after a few weeks it becomes your Christmas Clutter!  Why is that?  Enough of Christmas?!

Putting the Christmas stuff  away didn't stop me from hanging the 'Patchwork Forest'.  I figured even if I just hang it for a week or two, it would be worth the extra effort of 'getting 'er done'!
Besides you know me and UFOs...once in a UFO tote, they may never be seen again!  I swear my UFO Cupboard is like the Bermuda Triangle! They vanish into thin air!

So ta-duh...the first finish of 2016~

This is not a great photo...the quilt needs a good pressing...I see that NOW.  But no time for that...This quilt is hanging at the bottom of the landing to the stairs leading upstairs.  Here is at a different angle...the stairs are to the right.
Still not the greatest picture but you get the idea!  She's hanging...enough said!

The other three table toppers got quilted yesterday...see what happens when the machine works properly!!  Yippee!  Things get done!

 This one got a big meander...

This one got a wee small meander/stipple~

And this one got a medium size-just right we just need the Three Bears!
This wee quilt one was the most difficult to quilt because my side clamp bungee cords wouldn't reach so it wasn't pulled taut.  

Now they just need the binding...maybe today!  I am on a roll...

And SO is Marie from Oregon!  Marie is a HOOKER...and proud of it!  :o))) (Hey, it's like saying UNDERWEAR in a grade one cracks them up! Hooker has the same reaction for me!  I know, juvenile...but work with me!)  Look at what Marie has been working's a Partridge in a Pear Tree and it will eventually become a chair seat cover!  It's 14" across and it's beautiful!  I could easily become a HOOKER...haha...but I'm too old and the bode just ain't what it use to be...:o} I 'er mean, my back wouldn't take the bending over all that wool...(good save hey!)

Thanks, for sharing, Marie!  We want to see the rest of the chair covers when they are finished!  I will have a lot more HOOKER jokes by then...classier ones!

Before I go, I have to show you what my Paperwhite bulbs have been doing...

 Yup, they have taken off...two bulbs are getting ready to bloom!  Like a breath of SPRING!!

So that's all that I've got for you today!  A little of this and a LOT of that...:o)  So keep smiling!  Life is too good not to!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Your trees look wonderful! Glad there is a special place for them. Congrats on all those finishes!

  2. I like those Trees! They could stay up a while longer. The UFO closet brought out some fun quilts. Glad your machine was working good. I'm waiting on parts from Tennessee.

  3. I love your tree quilt. What a wonderful finish. Doesn't it feel great working on smaller projects! It's faster to get them done! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I thought that was a full sized quilt, lol. I like the idea that it is small, that is doable;)


  5. Your tree quilt has found the perfect place, I love it. Thanks for sharing your inspiring projects!

  6. Looks like you had a busy Sunday Paulette, when I saw your Instagram pictures I didn't think your minis had been quilted. Congrats.

    We had a dusting of snow last night wish there had been more.

    Your evergreens can hang out for a good while. They look good!

  7. you crack me up...but my UFO triangle must be hooked to yours because we have soooo many of the same UFO's!

  8. your tree hanging looks so good and lovely to see as you come downstairs in the morning. runners will soon be finished too, well hopefully they will not join the bermuda triangle before you get them bound.,

  9. Beautiful quilt , congrats on the great finish !