Friday, September 18, 2015

Jen Kingwell

While at Road to California, not last year but the year before, I stumbled into a 'Modern' booth looking for Tula Pink fabric for my quilting daughter...well...the lady at the till was working on the most exquisite quilt...It was lovely...all deliciously scrappy...and her choice of fabrics gave it such life and texture...and yet it appeared to be vintage...It was a traditional design but yet it had (dare I say it) a modern twist!  Of course I had to ask the lady the name of the pattern...and we talked about her choice of fabrics...(I have kicked myself so many times for not asking the lady for a picture of her work in progress!)  But it was here that my love for Jen Kingwell and her wonderful designs began!

For those of you who may not 'know' Jen Kingwell, let me give you bit of a background....she is an Australian quilter/pattern and fabric designer/quilt shop owner/author/teacher!  Yup, she wears MANY quilting hats!  If you're not familiar with her quilts then you NEED to hurry over to AbyQuilts Blog.  May (aka Aby)  just completed a weekend workshop with Jen and talk about inspiration!  Her blog posts are FULL of incredible eye candy...a trunk show of Jen's quilts!...You really MUST visit!

Anyway... May's posts made me realize that I need to break open the seal to my Gardenvale Charm Pack...yes, this is Jen Kingwell's fabric line and I borrowed the perfect die to cut it out with!  (Thanks Jane!)  I am teaming Jen's fabric up with Zen Chic 'Paper'...yup, this traditional quilter is going Vintage Modern! haha
'Gardenvale' by Jen Kingwell...yum!

Team up Jen's 'Gardenvale' with 'Paper' and the Drunkard Path die....

'Paper' by Zen Chic will be the perfect neutral...I... 'errrr... mean the perfect 'low volume' mate!  When in Rome...

If you would like to see more Jen Kingwell quilts then check out my Pinterest Board titled 'Jen Kingwell Designs'..and be inspired!!

Hey, while writing this I discovered that Jen and I have a lot more in common besides quilting...we both have three incredible daughters and we are both married to Richards...we both live on islands, we both love chocolate and we both worked with children in our 'other' lives...OK that's a bit of a stretch....Jen birthed babies and I taught them to read!  :o)) And WHO doesn't love chocolate?!  Life is good!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. I had the joy of taking a class with Jen Kingwell at the Quilted Moose in Gretna, NE USA. She is so kind and a patient teacher. Her quilts are amazing- I want to make them all! We also have a common thread- she was a mid-wife, I was a labor and delivery nurse! :) Happy Stitching- can't wait to see your quilt with the Gardenvale Line. :)

  2. There's so many fun things in the quilting world to explore. Jen's quilts and fabrics have really started to connect both the traditional world and modern one. Have fun and enjoy some chocolate for inspiration.

  3. I do love Jen Kingwells style. I think it's the vintage thing. So wonderful to see.:)

  4. I can hardly wait to see your new quilt come together! Jen Kingwell is a great designer. I am almost finished her My Small World quilt from Quiltmania and Circle Game is on my to do list.

  5. I'm in the Jen Kingwell fan club too! Love her style and fun combinations of pattern and color.