Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's a Happy Ending!

Thanks to my wonderful Blogland readers, Clubhouse Quilters', Kim and Doris have found their fabric (see yesterday's post)...and will begin their Salt Spring Island Row by Row as soon as they receive their special fabric from their supplier!  If I have said it once, I have said it a million blog-quilters are the BEST and Kim and Doris send out their THANK YOUS!

Before I go, I want to show you this book that I recently received as a gift!  (Lucky ME!!) It's called "The New Hexagon" by Katja Marek, a local quilter...and by 'local' I mean, Canadian! :o)

 Katja lives in Kamloops, BC and owns the shop, "Katja's Quilt Shoppe" which is located right on the highway going through Kamloops.  It's an easy stop for travelers and yes, I have visited the shop but only once.  Somehow our traveling times/days just don't correspond with the shop being open...:o(

If you love Hexagon quilts, like I do, then you will love this book!  Katja has kicked the hexagon up a notch...she has turned the hexagon shape into a variety of different blocks (see the picture below for one such block)...You put them together and you have formed a type of sampler quilt!  Each hexagon is different...all 52 of them!

Fifty Two different Hexagons lends itself nicely to a hexagon for each week of the year!  Now wouldn't THAT be fun!  

 In the book, Katja also provides different styles of Hexagon quilts...all gorgeous!
 And at the back of the book, we have All About the interesting read and a Happy Ending for this talented quilter!

As I have said, if you like Hexagon quilts then you might want to add this book to your library!  It's a keeper!  Not only does it give you a hexagon fix, but Katja provides lots of tips for making English Paper Piecing easy and do-able!

Have a Sunny Sunday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Thank you thank you! From Kim and Doris! Fabric found nad ordered from equilter. Many many thanks..... paulette you and your readers are GEMS

  2. Congrats on the book, great take along project for your trip down south!

  3. I finally was able to stop at Katje's shop this summer, and picked up her book. I didn't realize she was actually the one serving me - if I had realized, I would have had her autograph it. Also, if you love pieced hexies, you must check out . I've been following her for a number of years now, and her pieced hexies are only 3" a side, and absolutely spectacular when they are made up. She makes up little kits using Paper Pieces, and is starting a mystery Hex-a-long on Tuesday. She also has a great Facebook fabric store called Ozark Fabrics.

  4. hope to see something from this book on your blog soon! I too have the book but so far nothing created from it oh for more hours in a day!

  5. You might need that hexagon ruler I bought (and have not used yet)--it appears to make cutting and making hexagons super easy!

  6. The blocks in this book also work very well for the Millefiore quilt. She is doing a quiltalong on Facebook with this.