Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Day Spent Thrifting

Yesterday my friend, Dorothy and I spent a lovely day mooching around the Thrift Shops in Nanaimo!  We didn't hit them all, as there are just too many, but the ones we did go to were wonderful and we both came away with treasures!  And of course we stopped for a lovely lunch!

My BIG find was this iron...

I broke my small applique iron. :o((  It was a small, modern, light weight iron that I bought when I was down south. I loved the small size and the pointed nose but it was so light I had to lean my whole body into it and eventually the handle cracked!  When I picked up this one I KNEW we had a match made in heaven.  It's small, with a pointy nose and it weighs a ton...well maybe not a ton but compared to the last one, this is a bruiser!
 She is clean too...look at the pits, scratches, rust...or ANYTHING!  The cord is also pristine!


And the price was right!  Come to Mama!  I now have a new applique iron!  I use the Starch Method for turning under the edges of the applique pieces, so I don't want steam...I just want small, pointy nose and weight...oh and as a bonus, she is HOT stuff!  That's also a good thing!:o)

My other 'Find' from this summer's Garage Saling was this Tool was NEW...(still had the tags hanging) and was spotless inside...PERFECT for taking to retreats, clubhouse, Heritage, RV...where ever I go!  It also has a handy handle AND a shoulder strap!

 And look at all these pockets to help me stay organized!
 Even a side pocket to slide my rulers!  Can you see the corner poking out in the right hand corner of the bag?  PERFECT!  I think this bag was designed by a woman...a quilting woman!
Yup...lots of room...lots of pockets...

And plenty of space for my project and fabric!

And the price....$5.00!!


It's a gorgeous day here on our beautiful island so that means YARD WORK today!  Ugh!  It's a dirty job but someone's got to do's time to get the garden ready for winter.  While raking and clipping, I will be dreaming of future quilts and which UFO to attack next!  What about your yard ready for winter?  Or are you heading for your sewing put in a few hours of sweat and toil...yup it's a rough life!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Stitching/Gardening...or whatever you're doing this fine day!!  ENJOY!


  1. Wow! These are both just great finds!! I agree about the irons not having any weight to them - it wears my arm out trying to hold it down....except on the positive side, maybe this is a good thing since one arm gets a little exercise ;o)

  2. Fun finds Paulette! Several years ago I got a cutlery caddy and used it for my rotary cutters, small square rulers and tools. It is only about 5" x 7" bit is nice and sturdy and serves it purpose.

    Love your new/old iron.

  3. Nice finds! Sewing room for me, the neighbors will just have to close their eyes as they go by the yard.

  4. Great score on that iron P, I let one go a couple of years ago at one of our local thrift shops and it even had it's original box, I still mentally kick myself for not buying it.