Saturday, September 5, 2015


Kim and Doris, from the Sands' Clubhouse Quilters, have been bitten by the 'Row By Row' bug!  They are putting together rows from all over British Columbia and they have a dilemma!   They REALLY want to make the Salt Spring Island Row by Row but they need a special piece of fabric....and of course the Salt Spring Island Quilt Shop has SOLD OUT!  They have tried everywhere and have come up empty handed!  They have asked me to fire off an SOS to my readers in the hopes that one of you may have it...So here it is....a picture of the fabric...

They got this picture off of eBay and as you can see they got the 'Sorry Charlie...SOLD OUT sign!
...they need a two yard piece (or whatever you have got)...the manufacturer is Elizabeth Studios and the fabric is called Swimming Orca Whales on Bright Blue (number two Orca Whales on Blue).  If you have any of this fabric and are willing to sell it, they would LOVE to hear from you...or if you know of where they can buy some, they would really appreciate it!!  Ahh the things we do to get 'er done!!  

Hope your weekend is going 'swimmingly'!!~P


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  3. What fun fabric. Funny, as I visited the quilt shop in Salt Spring this year, but don't remember seeing this fabric. I think I probably would have purchased it. Hopefully the ebay link above will help. If not, I've had really good luck with a Missing Fabrics site where many small businesses/home business, as well as quilters with find fabrics in their stash.



    This listing is for 3 yards for $20.99 + 5.75 shipping.


  5. is this it?