Monday, August 18, 2014

The Killer Tote!

Last night, around 3am I woke up to a crash, bang…a loud one!  Did I get up to investigate?  Nope, not this chicken…I stayed in bed, wondering what it was..?  Home invader?  Burglar?  Killer?  (I have been watching too much Dateline!)  But at least I KNEW it wasn’t hubby out to get me…he was sound asleep!  I eventually went back to sleep…

My mystery was solved this morning…

I think I found our invader…I had been into my stash/UFO closet earlier this week looking for unfinished baby quilts! 

I see my hand quilting frame in that top black bag, the tub of solid Kona fabric in creams, whites and black, various UFOs, embroidery floss…in the other black bag is my newly acquired Minkie backings…yes all accounted for!


It looks like this rogue tote jumped out and wanted to make it’s presence known! 


Hey…there’s some good stuff in this tote!!  Squares and squares of Civil War fabric…REALLY good stuff! 


What the?…Yesterday I was LOOKING for star fabric for ‘Winter Solstice’!!  And look at that lovely tan piece…still under wraps! 


And I LOVE this nice big piece of red checked!


And in the ziplocks…UFOs from the deceased quilter’s garage sale!  Yikes…maybe she is trying to tell me something…like maybe… finish up her UFOs or clean this closet?!


But…YOWZERS!!  There ARE some good things in this tote!  Yup…I need to have more totes jump out at me…or do you think this tote had some help?!

What about YOU?  Any rogue totes jumping out at YOU?  Come on…be honest…fess up!!  What’s in YOUR closet?

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching…or in my case, cleaning closets!~P


  1. looks like all the fabrics in the tote just wanted to come out and play. If I hear a crash I know it will be the floor caving in from the weight of my totes. lol I really need to get some more shelving in the laundry room and move them out there with the rest of gang. Have a great time deciding where to start with this bunch.

  2. So funny! It does look like some good stuff, have fun.

  3. Lol, it wants to be used;)
    I have had that happen when digging through piles, something falls out that was hidden and I say, wow, I didn't know I had that, haha.


  4. Just about every time I get into the sewing room closet, there is a tote attack.

  5. Looks like some treasures fell out of that tote!

  6. I think your tote had help. The ghost of quilter past was telling you where to find the very fabrics you need for your current WIPs and telling you to get on with her UFOs. :-)

  7. yes you must use the tote pieces now, must have been a shock when you had the "big bang", good to know it was nothing nasty

  8. Oh my gosh...that is so funny! I can't remember ever having my stash reach out to me like that! However, I was woken up by a crash in the kitchen last night. The best I can figure is that things shifted in the dish drainer. I doubt the cookie sheet was trying to get my attention so I'd bake cookies. It just isn't the same as when your stash speaks.


  9. your post just made me LOL !!!!
    yes its time to use some of that fabric in there and finish that lady's quilt soon!!!!

  10. Love your tote story. I would have stayed in bed too. Happy sorting!!

  11. Oh I just love coming across bags and boxes of fabric long forgotten, not sure that I want it making its presence felt in the middle of the night though!!

  12. Ha! I keep my closet door securely shut, and open it very carefully LOL
    Have fun sorting through this!

  13. Now thats fabric that is screaming to be used! LOL!!

  14. Now thats fabric that is screaming to be used! LOL!!

  15. I clean out my fabric closet every few months and I always find wonderful stuff. :) blessings, marlene