Friday, August 15, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again…

Company’s gone!  It’s always sad to see the ‘kids’ go but I found myself whipping around the house yesterday getting everything in order before heading to the sewing room!  Ahhhh bliss!  Such sweet memories of our daughter’s wedding played out in my mind as I stitched…and I kept track of everyone’s travels by texting…I’m happy to report that they all arrived home safe and sound!  Got to love it!

SEW…I need FOUR baby quilts for wee ones being born in the next two months so the plan is to bang those puppies off before going back to my own projects…

I had blocks left over from this project


I quickly finished off the blocks, laid them out, formed rows and then before I knew it, the rows formed a top…DONE! (The blocks aren’t wonky…the top just needs a good ironing!!)


This quilt is much bigger than the first quilt but still a good size for a baby!  What I like about this quilt is that it will be great for either sex!  One down…three to go! 

Our hot weather has turned to blessed rain…YES!!  Stay tuned…if all goes well, I am hoping to show you another finished baby top tomorrow!!  Fingers are crossed!

Have a fun Friday and happy stitching!~P


  1. That is a wonderful quilt, lots of fun fabrics in it.


  2. We're keeping watch on the weather in Victoria as we will be there in two weeks.!

    Loved seeing the wedding pictures and sharing the memories of your daughter's wedding. Gorgeous!


  3. What a great little quilt! :0)

  4. You are on a roll with your baby quilts, very nice this first one.I have a great niece/nephew arriving soon but have done hardanger samplers for the 3 previous ones, may suggest Katie might like a quilt instead.