Sunday, August 3, 2014

Here Comes Winter…

What?! WINTER? 

Here we are in the middle of a heat wave and I’m talking WINTER?!  Yesterday it was 31C…too hot for this quilter!  (That’s 88F for those of you who think Fahrenheit!)  But yes, I’m thinking winter…all because of Carol and her new friends!

Carol, a Heritage Quilting, brought this book in for Show and Tell… ‘Here Comes Winter’ by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks.  While on holidays, Carol was lucky enough to go to their quilt shop, “The Quilt Patch” located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan!  

This is the dynamic duos’ FOURTH book…plus they own a Quilt Shop and an on-line shop!  Two busy ladies, to say the least!


You may remember one of their other VERY successful books ‘Tis the Season’…I know it’s on my book shelf and THAT cover quilt is on my TO DO LIST!

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Carol was lucky enough to meet the ladies and get an autographed copy of ‘Here Comes Winter’!


OK…now comes the fun part…we get to peek inside their new (to me) book….


Yup…cute…dang cute!  I like how they give variations of the same quilt!  A tweak here, a tweak there and presto…whole new quilt!


I LOVE this quilt!!  So simple but yet it screams CHRISTMAS!


Here’s the cover quilt…


Yup…I think they have another winner on their hands! 


This is another ‘GOT TO HAVE IT’ book!!  I bought the last one at JoAnn’s in Palm Desert (love those coupons!!), so this winter I am on a mission!  Funny how I have to go to the desert to buy a book by Canadian authors…BUT you can’t beat JoAnn’s!!  I also want to peak inside Shelley and Jeanne’s other two books!! Who knew…?!

Check out their on-line shop…their patterns are too cute..very fun and easy to make and see their other books!!  I am positive that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Have a sunny Sunday and happy Quilting!~P


  1. Like I need another book to tempt me, lol.
    I do have the other one, and plan on making the stocking quilt with the trees on the side, think the appliqué would be a good start for now while it is hot and then I can piece it later.


  2. I see some nice winter stitching coming on.

  3. I love these books too and I made high strung and want to do more. One of the LQS gave coupons to use at the shop after the quilt show yesterday and I know there's a copy of it waiting for me!

  4. In Wisconsin JoAnns doesn't except coupons for their books anymore. I'm sad because this limits my purchase power. Plus I go to JoAnns Fabrics less and less. This Winter quilt book does look like a cute one. Thanks for sharing...🐝

  5. I see beautiful projects.Have fun playing and reading it!

  6. I love those gals and their books! I am going to make the autumn one with the sunflowers!

  7. Oh sister! The quilt on the original book is still on my list!

  8. Are you trying to bankrupt me! I have 4 other books on my list already to look for at the quilt show along with other things I so desperately NEED

  9. Interesting and inspiring ideas in this book! It's good to read about winter with this endless heat here... eager to be in winter!