Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Over the Hills and Far Away…

Yesterday we drove…through the desert…


…and headed for the hills!!  We went around corners…


…saw gorgeous scenery…on the way to Big Bear Mountain!


We glimpsed the ski runs at Big Bear Mountain Ski Resort!  Yes, there was snow on the runs…but no snow in the village!  None!  We were here two or three years ago and they had mountains of snow everywhere!!…But nothing this year!  They too have been experiencing our sunny weather.  All over town were signs to conserve water…and all the residential houses have their own huge water towers.


Our first glimpse of Big Bear Lake! 


They have walking trails all around the lake with one built right across!!  Unfortunately we weren’t dressed for Big Bear Lakes 11C weather.  I was wearing capris, T-shirt and sandals…no sweater or jacket…it was after all 26C when we left Desert Hot Springs! (HOT!)

IMG_0131 (1)

But I did manage to find a Quilt Shop…Patchworks Quilt Shop!  My husband marvels at my ability to sniff them out!  Can’t EVERY quilter?


A very nice lady was behind the till…asked me where I was from.  I said Canada…but later I realized she must have been referring to the sandals and t-shirt…:o)  Definitely wouldn’t be wearing capris and sandals in Canada right now!!


Did a spin around the shop…always fun to go into a new shop and explore…


Then it was time to go down off the mountain….


…on that OHHHHH so windy road!!


Yup, lots of sharp corners, twists and turns and sharp jags!


Even spotted a space ship!!  (cement mill?)


Finally we out of the mountains and back to the warmth of the desert!


Ahhhhh…got to wiggle those toes and warm them up…before we turn on the AC…:o)

It’s always fun to go exploring!!

Have a wicked Wednesday (it’s a good thing I blog or I would have NO IDEA what day it was!!)…  Hope you have a warm, sunny day in your corner of the world!!~P


  1. Can't wait to see new quilt shops...I mean scenery!

  2. Can't wait to see new quilt shops...I mean scenery!

  3. I love those curvy mountain drives! I've never been to Big Bear, I had an internet friend who had a cabin there, she lived in Palm Springs and her nickname was Big Bear Lady. She was a lovely lady.

    So what did you buy?

  4. What a gorgeous place to visit and too bad it is so cold, looks like a fun walk across the lake.


  5. What an exciting time you are having. A walk across the lake would have been perfect, looked so inviting.

  6. Great photos!! Thanks for taking the time to share in your travels!