Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mystery Solved!!

Since December many of the Clubhouse Quilters have been working on Calgary Judy’s Mystery Quilt!  It’s been a fun process to watch…they have been ohhhhing and auhhhing and…at times even cussing throughout the whole process…yesterday there were murmurs of delight as the quilts were finally taking shape…

Check it out…

Here’s Sandy with her masterpiece!!  Love the cheddar…perfect for Fall…or any other time of the year…gorgeous!!


Kim’s is bright and cheerful!


Linda’s is gorgeous….


How could it not…just look at the fabric!!  Like a work of Art!


Karen’s is wild and crazy!  This is a terrible picture of Karen’s…(I will re-take this at another date..sorry Karen!)  Karen’s quilt is wonderful and wild…the fabric is a series of squiggles and shapes in black and white with a pop of lime green!!  Karen wins the prize for getting ‘er done…she even has her quilted!


There were lots of quilters still in progress…this is one of my favourites…browns and beige.  I love neutral quilts…and there is a sprinkle of homespuns in this one!!  Love it!  Norma is doing a fabulous job!!


Gwen used this gorgeous fabric that she bought when the Painted Lady was the Calico Horse Quilt Shop!  This fabric is just too nice to be hidden in a tote!! 


There are still  more mysteries to be solved! 

I can’t wait to see them ALL hanging at our Clubhouse Quilt Show on February 14th!!  Don’t you love it when a good Mystery ends with a happy ending!!

Personally I have never done a mystery quilt…my TO DO LIST and UFO List are just too long!  I didn’t want to stop the momentum of getting ‘em done!! This is my year to bang off those UFOs!!   BUT after seeing these wonderful quilts I have been kicking myself…shoulda’… coulda’… woulda’…didn’t!!  DARN!! 

On the bright side…I am banging off those UFOs!!  Such a good feeling!!

What about YOU??  Have you ever been part of a Mystery (quilt)?   And more importantly…did your mystery have a happy ending??  Come on spill…

Today some of us Clubhouse Quilters are off to Yucca Valley for a little fun and adventure…and maybe a little lunch!  Stay tuned…what happens in Yucca…(gets spilled)!!:o)

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. We did a mystery quilt in my group "Bound Together" in 2010. If you go to our blog you can see all of them on the sidebar. It was a fun experience.

  2. All of my quilts are mysteries to me, lol.
    I start out with one idea and start changing it as I go, so we never know what it will look like;) I love the brown and tan colors together, hope to see that one finished.


  3. Congratulations, Calgary Judy, a great design, and congratulations to all the stitchers for such wonderful variations. :)

    Paulette, it figures that the pumpkin fabric would catch your eye! But it is gorgeous...

  4. Same quilt design and so many different looks.

  5. I loved them all so pretty and they look so intricate . Nice points ladies.. Enjoying your projects here in Illinois. Hugs, Maggey