Sunday, January 26, 2014

Clubhouse Quilting…

I thought that you might like to see some of the projects getting cranked out during Clubhouse quilting…

Siena’s been very busy making wallets and snap bags…she has a fancy embroidery machine that makes things extra pretty!!


Hand embroidery is also being worked on…P1250937

Many of the quilters are working on Calgary Judy’s Mystery quilt…it’s no mystery who’s cutting out these blocks.  It has GOT to be Deb!!  Some years ago Deb got a nasty cut when attacked by her Rotary Cutter!  She’s been wearing her dog trainer gloves ever since!  She  swears by them…


Here is Siena finishing off her diamond quilt…Her and her hubby are off on a wild adventure to Mexico  next week in their RV!  We are going to miss them….but wish them well and hope they make a speedy trip…back to The Sands!!P1250939

Doris was all tied up for the day…with binding!!  Her placemats and table runner are going to be gorgeous when finished!!


Gwen has a huge stack of these blocks…LOVE this quilt!!  The Pattern is on the cover to the Quilter’s Bible..


See…isn’t it gorgeous!  LOVE*LOVE *LOVE it!! Would you believe Gwen is giving this quilt to Charity when she is finished!!9780715336267

Our ‘new girl’ from Portland was busy making pillowcases…dang cute ones too, I might add!  See the fabric on the right?  That is the Portland Bridge…different angles of it printed right onto the fabric!


And Heritage Judy finished off her fleece quilt made especially for her sweet Grand-daughter!!  Ahhhhhdorable and so cuddly!!


Yup…it’s always a busy place in our little Clubhouse. 


We are SEW lucky to have a bright and spacious room with so many tables TWICE a week…Mondays and Wednesdays!!  Lucky us!!

Which reminds me…tomorrow Gwen is showing us how to make sewing machine mats…I need to scrounge up my supplies…which just might mean a trip to JoAnn’s!!:o)

Have a sunny Sunday and thanks for popping into our little Clubhouse!!~P


  1. The clubhouse looks wonderful, Paulette! What a great place to hang out and sew. :)

  2. Luv your clubhouse! The projects are great too!

  3. It is snowing YET, -15 degrees, and a perfect day to catch up on my blog stalking and quilting.

    Thanks for sharing your sunshine.

  4. What a great place to meet & sew ! Lucky ! All projects you are working on are fabulous ! Really enjoy reading your blog.

  5. what a great place to sew in and twice a week to boot. Being surrounded by inspiration like that weekly means no loss of quilting mojo that's for sure. Love all the projects.

  6. What a great venue for your group - and some beautiful work by you all

  7. That is a really nice space to quilt in and so nice to have so many that love to quilt and do it beautifully.


  8. I am trying to figure out what the hand embroidery project is. Not enough of it done to quite get the picture but it looks interesting.

  9. Ah, what fun. Everyone has great projects, but I certainly like the idea for the snap bags as they'd make great gifts. And perfect for the Year of Make It Handmade Christmas Challenge. Thanks for sharing inspirational projects as I do think these would make great Christmas gifts.