Friday, January 24, 2014

Boxing Day…

Well Christmas morning is over …OK…we’re talking about the Road to California Quilt Show…yup, she’s done for another year!  The show is still on for another TWO days…but it’s over for me…

Let me tell you, this show gets BIGGER and BETTER every year!!  This year it was MIND BLOWING!!  There were WAY more booths and way more vendors…and don’t ask me about Quilts…who had time to REALLY look at the Quilts!  Not me!!  I was like a kid in the candy shop…running from booth to booth!  I didn’t even stop for lunch…!

First stop…Primitive Gatherings Booth…they had the prime location this year…just as you entered the main convention hall!  Be still my heart!!  I circled the booth a few times, talked to Lisa…(VERY nice and very helpful!), paid for the loot and then politely asked if I could take pictures of the entrance to their booth plus pics of the pattern that I bought…OF COURSE I could!!  IMAGINE my dismay when my camera failed me…I could see that the shutter to my camera was locked open!! 

There were chairs outside PG’s booth so I sat down to work on the camera…I tried EVERYTHING!!…A lovely French lady was sitting beside me and could hear my dismay…&%@*!!!   She owned a fancy-smancy camera so she took over…and finally declared mine BROKEN!!  How could this BE??  She was charged, the camera card was clean, ready for hundreds of pictures!!!  The French lady…who was from the Quiltmania Magazine booth…was SO nice and very sympathetic…We talked Quiltmania for sometime…while I came to terms with the fact  that this year there were to be NO PICTURES of Road!! 

Then it dawned on me…I was WASTING precious SHOPPING heck with the camera!!  I threw it into my bag…thanked the Quiltmania lady and forged on!!

About a half hour later I bumped into two Clubhouse Quilters, Deb and Sandra…I told them my camera woes and Sandra, bless her heart, handed me her camera…for the good of the BLOG!!  :)  Quilters are the BEST!! 

So I DO have pictures…about 70 of them on Sandra’s camera card… which I will download next Wednesday!  (Sandra lives out of our park but she is a member of our Clubhouse Quilters and I will see her then.)  SEW…be patient…I got some great pics!  THANK YOU, SANDRA!!

For now, you will have to be happy with my loot pictures…I usually END the show with the LOOT pics…but I mean REALLY… when you go to Road ya’ gotta show pictures…right?!

Ok…Farmhouse Threads had a booth there this year and it was AMAZING….

Loved this quilt…the pattern DOES NOT do it justice!!  I took pictures of the booth sampler…you have GOT to see it…and YOU WILL..only next week!!


I HAD to buy this book…wait till you see one of the quilts that was in the show…it is called Portland Rose and it was incredible!! 


I might already own this Bonnie Sullivan  pattern…but the quilt was made up and I loved it!!  I bought it just in case…:0)


The Heart to Hand booth did not disappoint!!  Such an incredible booth full of amazing eye candy….I took tons of pictures of the patterns that I bought…like this pumpkin runner…LOVED it!!


Now I have seen this pattern on the internet…It’s called Snowdrops…and my reaction was… “What’s with the shoe strings??” 

NOT!!!  Those shoe strings are REALLY Christmas TREES!!  DANG CUTE!!  (wait till you see the pics of it in REAL LIFE!)


This is the pattern that I bought at Primitive Gatherings booth…it STOPPED me in my tracks!!


I also bought a couple of pieces of blue wool so that I could match it to what I have at home!!  LOVED this mat!


I seem to have a love affair going on right now with pumpkins!!  I bought this pattern at the Christmas Shoppe Booth!  Another booth that you could stay in for hours!  I took lots of pictures of this runner too!!


I wouldn’t have given this Lynette Anderson pattern a second look UNTIL I saw the actual quilt!!  LOVED IT!!!  If you love gingerbread men, then you will love it too!!  This pattern isn’t cheap…I hummed and heed about it for a few minutes and then took another look at the quilt…and tossed it into my bin!!  It’s those darn quilt samplers that get you EVERY time!!


I am a sucker for those demos!!  The Christmas Shoppe lady was demoing these…you lay the sticky sheet onto your project…follow the dots with your stitches…and then wash away the paper…and presto…amazing crazy stitches!!  We’ll see if it REALLY works….


Ever since I used up my charm pack of THIS fabric I have been looking for more…and Jaybird had this FQ bundle and it had MY name on it!!


I found this lovely hand-dyed wool at the Wooden Spools booth!!  The flash is picking up the white but in REAL LIFE it is a rich deep green…perfect for trees and leaves!!  Fat Quarters were only $16!!


I bought this Jaybird ruler to make a quilt for my middle daughter…


…and bought so much ‘stuff’ that Julie gave me a Jaybird Quilts bag and a FREE Mini Hex N More ruler!!  It’s so nice to see young quilters…and such a nice girl!!(she says she’s older than she looks but I’m not buying it…she’s just a baby!!)


Dang cute…


There were WAY more Wool Booths this year…and I sampled a bit from each booth!!  Got to keep that wool economy alive and well…


I REALLY needed a FQ of this red for a project that I am working on…but could only find small pieces!!  Darn!


Odds and ends…I forgot to pack my Sewline Glue stick pen…and my sweet tooth was craving for  some of these wee Candies….


Bought some So Fine threads for a little variety…they are the big spools not the cones.


Some Japanese fabrics from PinWheels..this brown piece LOOKED purple in the booth.  I will be taking it outside this morning for a better look…


And two FQ of some textured reds…not EXACTLY what I was looking for…the colours are a richer red than shown here…but the price was certainly right at $12 each.  One of these might do for my project if nothing better happens along…


So that’s it for my loot!! 

I have to tell you…my hubby had my camera fixed in literally TWO SECONDS…he twisted the lenses' cap and the shutter popped close! He does that ALL the time…so infuriating!!  BUT I am happy the camera is better…:o)

SEW…please be patient…lots of booth eye candy to come…later next week!!

Have a FUN Friday and happy Stitching…Looks like I will be Boxing up my Christmas Loot!  Well…after I look and play with it a bit more…~P


  1. Wow! What a haul! Did have any soles left on your shoes at the end of the day? Don't you just love Lisa from Primitive Gatherings? What an awesome lady.
    Glad you had a spend-a -lious day. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures. Go rest.

  2. Looks like you had A LOT of fun! The Hex 'n More ruler is a great should have bought one for yourself! I work at a quilt shop in AZ and we had that at our shop hop. It's always fun to see what you have been up to!

  3. Guess you had a good time even though your camera gave you fits. Are you planning on never sleeping again--so many patterns, but I would of done the same thing, you got some good ones.

  4. I'm glad you had a fabulous time. And the LOOT is terrific - way to go. LOL

  5. Glad to hear the camera is fixed.. I love all the pic's you take.
    Loved seeing the loot and will look forward to the vendor shots.

  6. Wow, you did have fun. Glad the camera is fixed as I would be lost without all your pictures.

  7. Great loot! I got the wool mat kit for Christmas but haven't started it yet. Want to have a stitch-along? I'd love to go to Road to California some year, if only for the weather!

  8. Did you see Cheri Payne's blog today? She took a class with Lisa of Primitive Gatherings and is working on her own version of that crazy quilt style wool mat.

  9. Yes, I would call that loot, you walked away with quite the stash and I love that picking cherries quilt. I do have some of the indigo charms, still trying to decide what I want to make with them, maybe a reproduction doll quilt.


  10. Thanks goodness for friends and a husband to come to the rescue when you had camera problems. I wasn't so lucky, my camera slide off and fell and I thought, oh well it can't go any farther. I went out later that day to take some pictures and had a hard time getting the lens cap off. When I did I couldn't take a picture...thought I had left my memory card in my I had jammed my lens...BROKEN!

    Guess what I bought for Christmas, yup a new SLR. Ironically I had checked out a camera in a flyer earlier and the week and was contemplating getting a new one. I guess karma knew I should get it,

    Great pictures of what you bought look forward to seeing how the show and samples look, maybe I'll come down nest year.

  11. Looks like great fun. Love your pics, sorry about your camera.

  12. My heart can hardly stand the photos of shopping you did post!! Luckily I purchased that same PG mat before I went on my Internet fast!

  13. I also purchased that snowman mat from PG.... :o) What a wonderful trip you had! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love your haul! Makes me itch to shop!!

  14. wonderful things, glad you found some pics to share!

  15. Wow, you did really well!!! Such a great shopper you are. I can't believe how many of those patterns I've never seen before. I need to get on the internet a bit more, or head down to Road tonight in time to be there tomorrow! Thanks for the show.

  16. I wouldn't even know where to start, but must have been great,, now to see how you are going to create with all those goodies..
    Hugs, Maggey

  17. Oh. My. Gosh! No wonder you didn't get to the quilts!! What a haul - everything is gorgeous - how do you decide what to do first? Looks like tons of fun - Merry Christmas!

  18. Nice haul, Paulette! All those wools look wonderful, I'm sure you can't wait to start! I think the blue oval snowman mat is my favourite. :)

  19. Well someone had a great time at Road lol and brought home some pretty fine goodies to boot. Sorry your camera decided to be finicky - drives me crazy when that happen.
    Hugs - Karen