Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WHINE About It…

Right after I posted yesterday’s blog whining about how I was still waiting for the mail to bring me my new Dresden Plate die, I thought - what better way to take my mind off the Dresden Plate then to start another new project. So I started cutting out this pattern using my Lady GO! GO!

It’s the pattern “Star Delight” by Alex Anderson and it comes free with the quarter square 4” finished Triangle Go! die.  I want to make the stars scrappy using Harmony (by Moda)fabric…


I had just finished cutting out the background beige fabric when.. the doorbell went…



Yup, you guessed it!  It was the Accuquilt Man!!  WHOOPPTTEEE-DOO!


There was the Fall Medley and the Double Wedding Ring that I won on Carol’s Go! Give Away!!  LOVE them!!  Thank you SEW much, Carol!!


And the Holiday Medley, Peter Robs Paul and THE DRESDEN PLATE from Jo’s GO! Give Away!!  Yeah!  JO, I love them them- thank you so much!!P1100064  20 minutes later…all the petals were cut out…lickety split!! (Star Delight and Harmony Fabric put into a tupperware container for another day!! :o))

P1100067  I marked the die with a Sharpie Felt pen first as it was hard to see where to place the fabric.


I stitched the wide end of each petal…


.. then trimmed the corner off and pressed the seam open before I flipped it to the right side..

P1100071  …and started sewing….


..until I got her done!!  Isn’t she pretty?  The Dreden Plate die comes with a 4” centre circle but I wanted the edges turned in…so


I got out my circle die cutter..and cut out some 5” circles from the dotted fabric. I also cut out two 4” cardboard circles which I glued together so that they would be really stiff.


I then basted around the fabric circle and pulled the thread with cardboard template in the middle.


… pulling tight around the cardboard circles.


I spray starched it so that it would keep it’s lovely round shape…and now I have a perfect 4” circle with finished edges ready to be appliquéd to the Dresden Flower…


Perfect!!  And in minutes…


A lovely 13” Dresden Flower!!


Sew EASY, FAST AND ACCUQUIT!…I mean accurate!  Now that I know what I am doing ;o)…I think I will spend today making some brothers and sisters for this little beauty!!

MORAL OF THE STORY!~ If you are waiting for a mail delivery…and you have been waiting…and waiting…and waiting…THEN Blog about it ..and REALLY WHINE!!  Then give it 45 – 60 minutes…guaranteed mail delivery!!  Try it!! :o) You’ll see…

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. Wow your GO project is beautiful!

  2. CA-UTE!!!! I love it - can't wait to see it's brothers and sisters. LOL So hurry up. I'm telling you - you need to put a motor on Lady Go! Go!. varoooooommmmmm, putt, putt, sputter, sputter -----zooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  3. It sounds like you have started your own little quilt factory! The Dresden plate is pretty.

  4. wow you amaze me with what you get done. happy sewing today

  5. You've been a lucky girl lately winning all of those dies! You sure are putting them to good use. Have fun!

  6. Just GOrgeous! My you have been lucky lately! Have fun!

  7. Your Dresden plate is beautiful! I want to make a whole quilt of those one of these days. My GO! should be here on Thursday! Woo hoo! :0)

  8. I don't know if they have lotto tickets in Canada. But if they do, you need to go buy one NOW !!!

    Look at that stash you got in the mail...WOW...you GO girl !!

    I get just as excited for others using the GO as I do for me...LOL (I know - crazy)

  9. Just one question ......do you sleep?

  10. Oh my gosh...that is SO pretty! And I've always wondered how to turn under circle edges...thanks for the tip...I would probably NEVER would have thought of that on my own! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. What a lovely plate! I love all those wonderful fabrics that you chose. Can't wait to see the other blocks that you make.

  12. Woo-Hoo! I love your "new" block!!

  13. Glad to see your treasures were finally delivered. Today is the day I'm allowed to unleash the beast, yes it my Birthday and I am walking into the unknown Go land. After Breakfast out and a stop at Saxe Point Park I am now heading into my sewing room and Go cutting with wild abandon! Wish me luck! Have a great day quilting!

  14. I am sew ***jealous***!!! That plate is beautiful and perfect.
    I forgot to mention your ribbons from the fair earlier. Congrats!

  15. So speedy! I need to win one of those gizmos!

  16. You do such beautiful quilting and piecing and with the cutter, you have done some more beautiful things.
    More time to make and less spent on cutting, that is worth having.


  17. Wow, you're cranking them out! I thought the Moral would be, start another project and the original one will come through! Fabulous Dresdens, and thanks for the hot tip about ironing the seam open *before* turning!

  18. Ah! I'm so jealous!!! My GO! is stuck in customs...and I ordered the dresden die too. :( What can I do......

  19. You are certainly dancing a gogo! Love your Dresden...so happy & cheerful!

  20. You lucky girl getting all those wonderful dies. You sure whipped out that Dresden block quickly. I like how you used the circle die and cut out 5" circles and then fixed them up for your Dresden centers, cleaver. I will keep that method in mind cause I'm hoping to get the Dresden Plate die for myself soon.

  21. love the dresden plate! You sure are getting a lot of use out of your GO!

  22. Glad you got you GO delivery! That dresden plate dye is one I'd want to own ASAP too!

  23. Like your DP. Going to have to add that die to my wish list. Great tip on the 5 inch circle.

  24. Love your dresden plate...the fabric you chose is so sweet! Congrats on your delivery!!!

  25. Oh how lucky to win all that! I"m still trying to win one!

  26. Nope, whining about it didn't work! Postie didn't bring me any Go dies that I've been longing for - mind you, I haven't managed to win any either, so do you think that's why?

  27. Hi Paulette,
    I love your Dresdens...aren't they addictive?
    Can't wait to see what you'll make with all your dies...I'm sure it'll be to die for :)

  28. LOL that's funny, I'll have to try whining!!
    Love your Dresden plate & the colors, Wow!

  29. Absolutely darling!! What dies will you be wanting next? :-)

  30. I love your dresden plate and can't wait to see what you ship up next.

  31. Oh my goodness ... I just love your new dresden blocks.. wow.. that Go of yours seems to be wonderful!

  32. Boy, you are going to town with that Go. Congratulations. Your dresden is absolutely beautiful!

  33. I knew I saw this tip on your blog about the center circles so I kept going back until I found it again. I like it better than how I did my circle. I just cut out two 4" circles and sewed them together, turned and hand sewed to center of my Dresden Plate. But this way is much easier, I wrote down the directions for next time I make the Dresden Plate.