Friday, September 3, 2010


Cathi from Shakerwood Quilts was so inspired by Cheri’s FREE BOM that she made all four blocks in one day…and is thinking of making another set in different colour way…Wow!! You GO Girl!!  Check out the blocks and then hurry back!…Aren’t they nice?  Makes you want to start a set of your own, doesn’t it?

Yesterday I worked on my little bow ties.  I need a little something for a ladies group that I belong to…we have a Fall Auction fund raiser every year, where we usually bring garden produce, jams and jellies and preserves and baking …

Well this year I thought I would whip up a little table topper…however I went to quilt it and my quilting foot is MISSING!!  YES! GONE!!  Now I’m not the neatest sewer on the planet but I have looked everywhere…and even cleaned up my sweat room in the process…NO WHERE!!  Could it be…



Oh, don’t let this sweet, innocent face fool you… Just this morning I caught her prancing out of my sweat room with a brand new ball of Valdani thread!!  I have checked all her favourite hiding places but no quilting foot!!  %$#@

SO this is as far as I got with my Auction item… all pinned and ready to quilt….P1090819

It’s a good thing Rylie’s so cute or…well…we won’t go there…BUT you know what will happen as soon as I buy a new quilting foot…yup, I’m going to find the old one…just know it!!

Hey, look what finally came in the mail…it’s Karen’s (Log Cabin Quilter)Wool Crazy Pin Cushion base…!  Such lovely Fall colours!


As I mentioned before there are four of us in this Round Robin~ myself, Karen, Kaaren (The Painted Quilt) and Lori (Humble Quilts).  We each made our own wool base for our pin cushions, picked a theme (mine was Four Seasons) and appliquéd the first design.  Once we have finished our stitching and appliqué we send it on it’s way!  When the Round Robin is complete the base finds its way home-finished and ready to be made into a Pin Cushion.  Sounds fun, doesn’t it!!

So this is Karen’s base, she stitched the Squirrel and now it’s my turn!!  Hmmm…her theme is definitely FALL…bet you can’t guess what I’m going to stitch?  Stay tuned….

Guess what I just found?  Yes, my quilting foot!!  I must have accidently put it into the safety pin container :oD…sorry Rylie…how about a cookie or piece of dried liver or cheese or a nice big bowl of ice cream…sheesh she is playing hard to get!!  Good dog…bad mistress…I will NEVER doubt you again…but there is still the issue of the Valdani thread!!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting/Stitching!~P


  1. I love your little quilt , what a nice item for the auction , it will sell for a good price I am sure . Glad you found your quilting foot and that Rylie is no longer in trouble ;-0 ,he is just too cute !

  2. As a fellow dog lover and quilter i was laughing out loud at this post! Poor Rylie, .. love your blog! Claire

  3. Poor innocent Rylie - thinking that she could have possibly done away with your quilting foot. She's too sweet to do such a thing......or atleast she looks that sweet....LOL

  4. poor Rylie..maybe it was Molly who put it in the safety pin wait maybe Rick did it..blame the man of the house..that is always the best bet!..good job on the quilt..nice work!!!

  5. Poor Rylie! I have also been guilty of accusing my pups of running off with something I just could not find only to find it right where I used it last - go figure!

  6. I'm sure Rylie just wanted to be involved in such a great hobby in some way or another. I like the idea of working on a project with other bloggers. Have a great weekend and good luck with any garage sales that beg you to visit!

  7. Dear Rylie,

    This is Mac, the Westie.

    I just read your Mom's post and I'd just like to tell you to take advantage of the fact that she's sorry for her accusations. Milk it for as long as you can...and I promise not to tell her about your escapade with the long as you share your goodies with me.

    Oh, and my Mom said to tell your Mom that her little quilt is gorgeous and to hurry up and finish it.

    Your friend,


  8. What a darling quilt - so glad you found your foot! Can't wait to see what you add to the pincushion.

  9. Glad you found your foot, you had me laughing...good thing you found it, poor dog would have had the blame for a long biscuit is in order.

  10. I ususally check the trash can that sits beside/under my sewing table. Things have a habit of vibrating off the table and into it.

    I know you are glad to have found it.

    Have a great Labor Day.

  11. Of course it wasn't Rylie, look at that face!!!

  12. I love that squirrel! :)

    Glad you found the missing quilting foot.

    Love your bow ties. The border fabric you have used is gorgeous too!

  13. It's so funny you mentioned your quilting foot. I have a Rooney dog and he loves to run around with my thread as well(I think I broke him of this fingers crossed. Well yesterday morning while getting ready for work I kicked something with my foot, bent down and ... you guessed it, my quilting foot! ROONEY!!

  14. I have that problem with my cats, that is why they cannot go in my sewing room.


  15. I couldn't find the BOM...will you send me a link.