Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crows…Old Crows…and …?!

Got another wool pincushion Round Robin in the mail today!  SEW exciting!!

This one is Kaaren’s and she has a definite Fall Theme happening here.  Kaaren started off the Pin Cushion Round Robin by stitching the Crow in amongst the Fall flowers…Just lovely!!…then off it went to Karen…and she added this sweet little tree with ‘OLD CROW’ stitched onto the trunk…and the tree is decorated with wee little pumpkins…too cute!!  And what’s this..why it’s another crow!!


Someone’s got to get a handle on those crows!!  AND I know just the man…wait…I need to draw him first…

Here he is..Scary Scarecrow…he can do the job!!  Yeah, he’s mean…he’s fierce…let me erase that smile…he needs more of a sneer!!


Now I need to put this on the window and trace it onto the back…reverse the image…


So that I can trace it onto Heat and Bond Lite (some people use Freezer Paper but I like the Heat and Bond).


I need him just the right size…that is one big crow…and Scary Scarecrow needs to be a fair size or that crow will eat him for dinner!! (yeah I know, I know…teaching Grade One got the best of me…ha ha!)

The arms are going to have to go…oh well…maybe he can keep the shoulders…


What do you think…should I break out the wool..? 

Whooptee-dooo…that’s the best part!!  Hey this pin cushion has only been in the house for 15 minutes!!  See what happens when you are inspired by what came before you!!  I should have this stitched in NO TIME!!  Sure hope Kaaren’s going to like it…and Lori still has plenty of room to add her masterpiece before it gets fired back to Kaaren!!

Yikes!  I got wool crazy carried away…today is Sue’s Christmas Quilt-along!  Oh oh…and I have an Anniversary luncheon at 1 o’clock and a birthday dinner in Victoria at 6…not too much Christmas stitching today…BUT tomorrow’s another day and Sue IS in England and she is ALREADY ahead by a day so she has already had her Sew-Along so maybe I can confuse her and sew a day later…and just say it’s a time difference thing…hey it works for me…but…do you think Quilt Sue will buy it?

Have a SUPER Saturday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. That is a very small space to fill, lol.
    You sound as hectic as me today, and i overslept, so lots of catching up to do.


  2. Love the scarecrow! Can't wait to see him all done up in wool! :0)

  3. Oh Paulette I think your scarecrow is a wonderful addition!!

  4. Nope, that piece of logic doesn't work for me!

  5. The scarecrow is adorably cute!!

  6. Perfect little scarecrow. Can't wait to see him all done up in wool. What a fun project. (Looks like Sue caught you!)

  7. Congratulations on your prizes at the Cowichan Exhibition Paulette. My wife and I were there admiring all the nice work yesterday.

  8. Believe it or not, I totally followed the whole Sue-in-England story. Yes, I think you can confuse her!

    Love the scarecrow. Looks just like the dude in the Wizard of Oz.

  9. That pincushion will be so cute! I can just hear you in your class ...

  10. What a great round robin Paulette! I am a follower of all of you, so I get to see four talented ladies create masterpieces!

  11. There's a place in the Yukon called Old Crow... a very special place.

  12. Too cool, Paulette! I guess I did make one GIANT honking crow, didn't I?

    I'm loving it! Yes! Break out the wool!

  13. You all do such gorgeous and creative work with the wool. It has great character and i love it! Very cute scarecrow!
    Love your new blog header photo. I spied a little pear fabric in there that I bought about 3 years ago when I was in Vancouver. How's that?

  14. Congrats on all your wins at the Cowichan Exhibition!!

  15. Oh my gosh I think that's the cutest scarecrow I've ever seen - these pincushions are just awesome!

  16. Ermm, scuse me, but what is this I'm seeing about wins at an exhibition? Nosey friends need to know.