Sunday, September 19, 2010


Every year St. John’s Anglican Church has a Fall Fair and EVERY year I go!!  This year was not going to be an exception!  I dressed for Winter and by the time I walked from my car to the Early Bird line up I was sweating…profusely!  It turned out to be an overcast but warm day…there I was in my thick turtle neck sweater with scarf and jacket!  Sheesh!

The Fall Fair consists mainly of a HUGE Garage Sale, a hall full of silent auction items, jewelry and baking, a huge tent of clothing neatly hung up (fill a bag for $5), a series of 3 or 4 huge tents of books, a huge tent for ‘to die for desserts’ and coffee (grave yard next door!!)and another for food and then of course there are lots of things for kids to do. 

Here’s the Garage Sale Section…my favourite place to be!!

P1100026When ever I am at a Garage Sale my eyes tend to glaze over…and I see only the tables of  STUFF in front of me…I hadn’t realized how much I do this until I took these pictures..see the girl in pink (below)…That’s Sarah…I taught her in Grade One a million years ago…didn’t even see her…yikes!!


And the lady on the right in green and brown (below)..that’s her mom, Nancy…OH and the little lady in the orange jacket..and huge bag- Oh and that’s my friend Carolyn…another retire teacher/GS NUT!! Wonder what she bought???  Who did I SEE?  NO ONE!!

Copy (3) of P1100028

BUT I could tell you what’s on the tables…and under them…and over to one side…:o) P1100027

This was the linen and fabric table…Carolyn is scouting out the fabric…probably scooped all the good stuff while I was busy taking pictures!!  She may be small but she is fast!!P1100029 P1100030

There’s one of our local doctors..he found a bike to buy.  Man I am seeing tons of stuff I missed before I took these pictures…If I could only go back!!


The line up has started for the food…Deacon Dogs and Bishop Burgers are the favourites…


Kids in the bouncy Castle…


The produce/plant table…

P1100034   By the time I got to books and clothing I was loaded down with ‘treasures’ so picture taking time was over…


Let me show you some of my ‘finds’-  a Big Bag of Buttons for $2


…all neatly sorted into bags of colours…so pretty!!

P1100038  The Big FAT Book of Quilting and some fabric….

Copy (2) of P1100041

I have big plans for this little guy…can’t you see little succulents all over his body…sounds gross when I put it that way…but he will be adorable.  This will be a Spring project so out to the shed for you!


This lovely reading lamp…weighs a ton!!  BUT it was so worth the work of carrying it for miles…in that hot turtleneck sweater…


Side view- I still need to polish it up…but he’s a keeper!!


Fill a bag for $5…I filled two!!  Got these two 100% wool coats into one bag…and in the other tons of men’s cotton shirts and a new wardrobe for me! ha ha


A cute garden stake…that became a lethal weapon for anyone in my path!!  I wonder how many times I said “Sorry!”

P1100046    So there you have it~ just a few of my ‘finds’…and yes I made it back to my car…just barely.  NEXT year I am bringing a few of those giant bags…like my friend Carolyn.  I sure wonder what she bought?

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting!!~P                     


  1. Looks like you are we having a great time, looking through everything. You got some great stuff.

  2. Glad to see you are feeling better. You certainly picked up a variety of items at the garage sale. Your turtle will be excited to have company next year out in the garden. Have a super day!

  3. certainly looks like there were bargains to find....and a nice day to look

  4. I didn't see any wheely carts? Were they allowed? I have seen people with wagons at some outdoor shows or with bags with wheels on them. Whatever you decide to do next year, I'm sure it will still be fun looking.

  5. Sounds like you had a great day! I would have started with the books ... The wool jackets you found will be transformed into something lovely, I'm sure.

  6. Great finds, no good yard sales for me.
    All we saw was little ones with junk and when I saw our local shelter was having their big sale, it was closing up, so nothing good left:(


  7. We definitely get into a zone when we attend a venue we're excited about. I'll bet your friends didn't notice you either. LOL

    Great finds though!

  8. Good Stuff to root through!!! One of MY favorite things to do.

  9. What a great haul for you at the rummage sale. I see great potential in many of your finds.

  10. Perhaps next year a large wheeled suitcase would be the thing to take!

  11. looks like you truly had a great time


  12. Now that's the kind of sale I would like to find. Flea markets don't interest me much any more because it is mostly new stuff that doesn't appeal.

  13. Your posts always make me chuckle. Love your blog, it's always the first one I go to EVERY morning! Looks like you had lots of fun!!

  14. What fun! I think one of those portable shopping carts on wheels would come in handy next year.

  15. Oh, I so enjoyed your event and all the "finds"! this was a treat to see. Thank you!

  16. Wow, I'm so jealous, looks like so much fun, just the kind of thing I love. I think I'd better come visit you! I also think that Carolyn bought everything you would have!