Monday, September 20, 2010

Did it COME!…yet?

I am still waiting…stock piling my fabric…reading and re-reading the pattern…I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. 

This is what I’m waiting for…


The Dresden Plate GO! die cutter for this pattern…P1100061

I love this quilt and have wanted to make it for a loooonnnngggg time!!

I have been slowly adding fabric to my stash….


GO! ahead and look closely…do you see why I’m excited??

P1100048  I think I may have bought too much fabric…


..SEW..I may have to make this quilt too….


…or maybe this one….  LOVE them both…P1100059  …BUT..before I make those I HAVE to make this…one…P1100053

And before I make this one…I need this~


…so I will continue to wait…sigh…by the front door…and re-read the pattern..yet again!!

Did it COME! yet?  Common GO!.. COME!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!! ~P


  1. Today, I'm sure it will come! Or maybe tomorrow or the next day.

  2. All great things come to people who wait! Or something like that!
    How many dies altogether will that be when they arrive?

  3. That is a great die for something that is a pain to cut out, but beautiful to make.


  4. You can do it, lots of wonderful quilt you'll have soon.

  5. Oh I Love the quilt you have chosen to make! It will be so lovely with the fabrics you have chosen. I LOVE the dots! I think I really will just have to buy a GO for myself. I haven't had any luck in draws so far. My arthritic hands are really complaining from all the cutting I'm doing lately.

  6. Lets all chant together....Come on GO! What fun fabrics you have picked and the patterns so cute. Can there be "too much fabric"?

  7. LOL...I can see why you're getting excited...that fabric is adorable!

    That template looks like it will make cutting so much easier! =)

  8. LOL, love your future projects~ hope you don't have to wait too long! ;-)

  9. It should be a fun quilt to make. Hope the dies come soon!

  10. I heard it'll be there very soon! You'd better grab your book, a cool drink and a chair so you can wait by the mailbox. :-)

  11. Have fun with your new toy! That will be such a nice dresdan quilt when done up... love what you picked out :o)

  12. Oh I LOVE that dresden quilt -- your fabrics are wonderful - all those cute prints and the polka dots -- its all about the polka dots -LOL! Hope your dies came today. Happy stitching -

  13. Oh I hope it comes SOON. Your fabric is beautiful. I look forward to seeing your quilt!

  14. I'm excited to watch your quilt come together!

  15. I go away for 8 days come back to find I missed the Fair, Folded YoYo, your giveaway, Friday night Sew -IN, Fall Fair and your waiting to start a Dresden Plate! Whew! What a busy time you have been having, and fun also!
    I have been dreaming of the Dresden Plate and it will be exciting to watch you bring it all together. You stash looks lovely and I am sure it will turn out wonderful.
    The Folded YoYo quilt is very interesting and YES, a tutorial would be great.
    The book looked interesting and I wish I had been there for the giveaway. Darn!
    Hope to you are feeling better real soon.
    Now I have to get back to putting my house together. We left so the painter could paint the inside and now I have to put it all back together again. (sounds like humpty dumpty, doesn't it?)
    Feel better soon.

  16. That is a beautiful quilt and I love the fabric you have been collecting.

  17. I love the fabrics you have selected. I hope the GO! arrives soon!