Sunday, March 14, 2010

What Are Friends For…?

I met Pauline at the Quilting Clubhouse last year and we became fast friends…after all we ARE quilters!  This year we became even better friends.  Pauline was feeling a bit blue…she was leaving for home BEFORE the annual Spring Fling Shop Hop!!  So she decided to go on her own little Spring Fling and needed a co-pilot for the trip…well…I guess I could do it…I mean going to four quilt shops in one day…WHOOPTEE-DOO!!  What are friends for!!!  Of COURSE I’ll co-pilot!!

We asked my shower friend, Renee to go with us.  Renee is newly retired and wants to get into quilting in the worse way…OK she’s not sure if she wants to quilt but I’m sure one project would hook her.  So off we went down the I-10 towards Los Angeles!

Wow!!  There sure are a lot of lanes here…hmmm which turn off should we take…hmmm…?  My goodness, they sure drive fast!!  It’s a good thing Pauline had GPS as my co-piloting skills suck!


Not only was I co-pilot but I was also the photographer…someone has got to capture these candid moments…hmmm what is Renee doing??

Here they are in front of the Busy Bee Quilt Shop…very cute!!


I was told that I could only take pictures as we entered so I was quick…here and…


…here…and when the lady at the counter wasn’t looking…



 P1060614  Whew…I didn’t get busted at the Busy Bee!!  Lots of nice things here but we didn’t buy anything….

The Quiet Mouse was our next stop…


Another lovely shop…


Pauline was the big shopper here…yeah Pauline…you’ve got to cheer the winner on! ;o)


We got ‘back in the saddle again’ and finally tied up at the Calico Horse…


Now we’re talking!!  My kind of shop!!   P1060619

Lots of Civil War reproductions, Buggy Barn, tea dyed cottons…AND they are just starting to get into WOOLS!  And they had lots of stuff on sale!!


LOVE these quilts!!

P1060621  P1060623 P1060624

Our last shop was also a winner!!  Stars and Scraps had everything…including a very cute entrance!

P1060625  P1060627 They also carried wool!!


I love this shop!  Such lovely displays! Makes me want to go back…P1060630

Oh yeah, this is just the dress rehearsal for the real Spring Fling which is on March 25!!  Can’t wait to do it all over again!!

Have a super Sunday and Happy Quilting Beading…yes, I’m off beading with my friend Sandy!!  We are taking a lesson on how to knot a necklace!!  I’ll take my camera…I’ll try not to be too naughty…get it?


  1. Well I can't imagine you EVER turning down a trip to a quilt shop, let alone four, lol! Those all look lovely. Have fun beading!

  2. That sure was a tough job, lol.
    I love having someone else drive, then I can save my energy for shopping;)


  3. I think that you were all really brave to drive into LA, I've visited there before and the traffic is crazy. Glad that you had a fun trip.
    Can hardly wait to see your beading experience, hope that you like it.

  4. Been, there, done that, and I love all those stores, Paulette! To those of us who live here, though, you were in Riverside or San Bernardino counties, places where I drive. Now, going into L.A. is a whole different drive-yikes!

  5. Paulette
    Was fun to find your blog from my blog :) Loved your quilt tour...makes me want to go there and visit all those shops too :)
    Hope you are enjoying Riley and he is keeping Molly company

  6. That's a gorgeous store! It looks like great fun!

  7. Thank you for the shop hop. And I didn't spend a cent! What a lovely way to start the day and now off to work. Enjoy the beading.

  8. I think that was really good of you to volunteer to ride shotgun for your friend. Very noble of you.

  9. Yes what are friends for if not going on a shop tour with each other.